Do challenges at Standing Sushi Bar for discounts!

GameMaki is happy to announce the first set of partner challenges on our platform. Introducing, Standing Sushi Bar!

“Fresh fish, every day. Standing Sushi Bar prides itself on handmade sushi, delightful sashimi, and one of Singapore’s largest sake selections.”

Founded in 2009, SSB (Standing Sushi Bar) quickly established a reputation for high-quality, handmade sushi. Based on the popular Japanese concept, the restaurant set out to provide the best sushi at affordable prices.

As the restaurant’s popularity grew, Standing Sushi Bar opened up two more branches in Singapore. Each branch has a distinct character and fit to its neighborhood and of course, delicious sushi.
– Adapted from Standing Sushi Bar

Do check out their outlets (and nom some great sushi at affordable prices) at Marina Bay Link Mall and Queen Street (Check out their exact locations here).

While you’re at it, do their challenges too! Try to get your name up on their big screen in their outlets, take photos with the chef anddddddd …. order a special Maki named after us!

WE’RE HONOURED!!! Go and order a GAMEMAKI! Only available during dinner! Ooh-la-la!

The Standing Sushi Bar Maki

You stand to gain promotions and discounts by participating in their challenges. (And seriously, who doesn’t LOVE discounts?!)

Mmmm, the team behind GameMaki loooooves sushi. (Heck, we’re even sushi/Maki-themed!) We see GameMaki and Standing Sushi Bar as the ultimate perrrrfect marriage.

Even writing this blog post alone is making me crave Japanese food.

Well, it’s almost lunch time folks. You know what to do! Check out the Standing Sushi Bar Maki!

Do challenges at Standing Sushi Bar for discounts!

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