Gametize has developed a 5D framework to guide users of our platform, in the building of their very own game. It is a good walk through on seeking problem areas, building solutions and catering to the needs of the players. However, it is not only a good framework to build the right game for the right audience. The 5D can be applied to areas of life as well, from setting productivity goals to social relations.

probsolution(1) Define your problem

To understand any situation we are in, it is always crucial to get as much information as we can. We need to understand what’s bugging us and rifle in on the critical problem area. From there, we can then move on to solutions and have a peace of mind.

(2) Determine your goals

Once we have identified our problems, we need to seek out end goals. To take an analogy, we can drive on an endless road with no end in sight, but very soon, we will run out of petrol and stall. Therefore, we have to know what we want to achieve whenever we embark on a course of action. It sets the path, map out the journey and sends out caution when we deviate. Goals create focus, increasing productivity.

(3) Decide your target behaviour

Target behaviour defines the types of behaviour we want to see players carry out. This is carry out through challenges created. Likewise, through our interaction with others, we can determine the outcome. How we treat others is very much how others would treat us. This is in line with Cooley’s “Looking Glass Self”. We should definitely set the stage for a more friendly and fun place to work and live in. On a personal stance, our attitude determines the behavioural outcome. Take for instance, exercise. When we developed a positive attitude towards exercise, it can help kick start a rewarding regime, enabling better health.

bartleplayertype(4) Describe your players

This is a general profiling of our players. We create a general psychographic of would-be players. Using the Bartle’s player type, we can engage the players accordingly, from lone killer to friendly socialites.Describing players enable us to predict behaviours that occur through game interaction. It aids in the creation of appropriate content. It is always good to understand others through their lens. Every life journey is different. A little sensibility could do wonders for human relations.

Problem-Solution(5) Design your Gamification strategy and experience

The final step involves creating an actionable plan to bring about a desired experience. Gamification is use as a tool to educate and advocate certain behaviour, which would be transformed into habits over time. We need to be clear on what we want to achieve, be laser focus and develop a zest for exploration. This sets the motivation needed to achieve.

Gamification is the adoption of game mechanics into non-game context, increasing motivation through rewards. However, for it to be truly effective, there has be strong intrinsic motivations. Gamification is an influence that promotes positive behaviour and direct attention to a cause in a good way. The 5Ds set the foundation; you create the life changing experience of your desire.


This post was contributed by Max Ang, Business Development Mentee @ Gametize
Max is the summer Business Ninja at Gametize in 2014. He loves reading, especially on themes that deal with the modern society. A sporty person who enjoys runs in the morning and rock climbing on the weekends.

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