Rahul’s passion for games and his engineering expertise led him to build
the gamma-powered Glove of Game Design. However, during the development process Rahul was exposed to an overdose of gamma rays, leading to a strange side effect…

When Rahul gets too engrossed in games, Rahul transforms into his beastly alter-ego, RAHULK. RAHULK goes on gaming rampages, destroying all his opponents in strategy games and leaving a trail of sad gamers in his wake.

Only Rahul’s friends are capable of calming down this raging titan, but even then they take hours to reverse the transformation

On one of his rampages, RAHULK sensed a pulse of gamification energy and made a mighty leap, flying into the atmosphere in the direction of Gametize’s HQ. After landing, RAHULK was immediately subdued by Gametize Ninjas
and transformed back into Rahul. Rahul was astounded at the gamification technology used to control RAHULK and volunteered to join Gametize to learn more about it.

Rahul is pursuing Computer Science at NTU and organizes events with NTU’s Visual Arts Society. In Gametize, Rahul is currently fiddling with a project called FameMark.


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This post was contributed by Quek Keng Yong, Business Development Mentee @ Gametize
Keng Yong has been placed at Gametize to do a 6-month internship through the iLEAD programme of NUS Entreprise in 2014. He studied Business at National University of Singapore. In his spare time, he likes to ride a bike or play computer games.

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