From a land where numbers and words collide, Wena is stuck in the middle: She’s mastered both.

Wena was born in The English Language tribe. Words were her true love. Nouns, verbs, and adjectives were her siblings whom she tossed around and played with growing up. Together, they constructed beautifully complete sentences that would make Shakespeare weep.

However, Wena is a free spirit, hungry for more knowledge.

So, in her tertiary years, Wena danced with banking and finances instead, learning all she could about the inner workings of mathematics and formulae. This act, however, was considered treason by her tribe, and she was banished from her home.

Never one to be deterred, Wena never lost hope, and she trudged on in her solitary journey, until she found a new tribe: Gametize.

Here, she is allowed to love both numbers and words. Here, she is allowed to utilise both.

With her numeric and linguistic skills, in conjunction with her inherent wit and charm, you can bet (if you’re a gambling man), that Wena will be hitting home-runs for Gametize’s leads and clients.

New teammates?

New 2015 “MVP Of The Week” series!

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