Initially only capable of communicating with dogs and fumbling at social interaction, Belle now has skills she can actually use in the real world. These are skills she picked up in polytechnic, and they include: a strong immunity to the sweat and pain that comes with film production, thick skin towards criticism that had constantly been shot at her writing, and forced calm when her HTML coding doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.


Armed with these new skills, Belle was sent to Gametize for her 22-week internship, where she joined the business operations team. Here, Belle is being groomed and shaped to take charge and to take initiative. She is sent to business meetings, and asked to head several internal projects.


Belle is learning many new things, and she is also getting to hone the skills she already possesses. By the end of her journey with Gametize, Belle will be a different person yet again, with newer skills in her arsenal!

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