If you visit the Gametize office, the one name you’ll hear being repeated more than any other is probably “Shan Shan”!

Being Gametize’s creative director and also being a project manager, Shan Shan has all the answers, and she knows all the in-and-out’s of almost all the projects.

Shan Shan hails from a Communication and New Media course in university, and originally signed on to do design in Gametize. However, she found herself with loads more things to do than just that, and all of that has helped shaped her into who she is today. Now, there’s no question she can’t answer, no client she can’t respond to, no project she can’t handle.

And it doesn’t end there; Shan Shan’s in charge of onboarding and training all the new Gametize ninjas as well! And it’s not just one newbie ninja at a time either. At this current time, she’s taking on three!

When we call Shan Shan the “do-it-all ninja”, it’s because she really can do it all.

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