MVP of the week: The super yummy GUMMY NINJA!

Shiqin hard at work!
Shiqin hard at work!

After a long hiatus, we are resuming our MVP series to feature our teammates. To kick things off again, we’re going to start with the latest full-time addition to our ninja family, Shiqin.

As Gametize’s first ‘Gametize Coach’, Shiqin focuses on coaching clients and Gametize users alike in the ways of the platform. She is also the voice behind our live customer service chatline!

Other than coaching and customer service, she has helped the rest of the business team in many other ways too, from drafting contracts to managing projects and clients. A multi-talented and inquisitive creature that she is, having her on the business team is an absolute pleasure.

Luckily for us, it’s easy to get on her good side; buy her a packet of gummy bears and bring over a good book (or a cat, perhaps) and she will instantly fall in love with you.

Here’s a short clip of her dancing to her national anthem (together with Brenda):

She may only have been at Gametize for a few months so far, but she has left quite an impression on us already!

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