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Maki, the Ninja Cat says goodbye to Gametize...

Maki, our Ninja Cat

With a heavy heart, the Gametize team bids farewell to our first official Gametize Ninja Cat, Maki (named after our lovable Ninja mascot). He is now placed in a loving, forever home after spending 3 amazing weeks within the comfy confines of the Gametize office.

How it all began…

He was found abandoned by Keith and his friend. Keith, with his intense empathy for animals of all kinds, decided to “kitnap” the furry fella and bring him over to the office to bathe him and feed him. From then onwards, they were set to help Maki find a good home to live out his nine lives.

Maki in the ‘house’…

Aside from the other occasional cat that would visit Gametize (namely Pika, our Do-It-All-Ninja Shan Shan‘s cat), Maki made himself at home within the office. Which, by cat standards, was probably pretty fast, as his lovable nature made it easy for him to get along with everyone else during working hours.

From play-biting to jumping on tables and laptops, Maki has become well-acquainted with the Gametize Ninjas, and this writer for one, will surely miss his crazy antics.

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