Challenge Types 201

Welcome to Part 2 of the Challenge Types Guide.

Having mastered the basic challenge types, continue below to master the rest of the challenges that will change the way you structure and develop your game!

fixedanswer Fixed Answer Challenge

A door unlock only upon inserting a specific key (or copies of it).
A fixed answer challenge is completed only when a specific phrase is being input as the answer.

Use this challenge as a passcode challenge where players need to have the passcode to unlock the rest of the challenges. You can give hints on the answer to players or have it written at physical locations if you are having an event!


  • Fixed open-ended answer forces players to figure out the answer


  • Passcode can be shared with other players


  • Enter the passcode to gain bonus 50 points!
  • Enter your answer to escape the room.


? Solve the mystery of The Diary and the Red Rose (above) and see Fixed Challenges in action!


challenge_type_label_passcode2x Validation Code Challenge

Validation Code Challenge may seem similar to a fixed answer challenge but it works very differently. (Click here to see the comparison)

After creating the validation code challenge, you are able to generate a validation code for each of your players. Upon generation, an email is automatically sent to each player with their designated validation code. This validation code is unique to each player and players will just have to input the validation code to complete the challenge.

For challenges which are ‘strict’ in a way that is designed to prevent cheating (e.g. challenges in a formal sales training game that counts to an employee’s KPI), the validation code challenge would be the perfect challenge to get participants to complete a task without having to worry about them cheating.


  • Unique answer prevents cheating
  • Better control over players’ actions


  • Troublesome as validation code has to be manually generated for each player
  • High maintenance for admins as they have to verify each player’s challenge
  • Not advisable for games where admin and player do not know each other (or have no physical/digital contact with one another)


  • Present your sales pitch to your supervisor to earn 500 points!
  • Sign up in person with your identification card to proceed to the next challenge.

prediction Prediction Challenge

Ever made a bet with your friends on something that will happen soon? Prediction Challenge models that kind of scenario.

The admin creates a prediction challenge and presets the points to be awarded for the different options. The answer to the challenge is decided by the admin at a later timing after players have submitted their predictions. Players can only guess what is the correct answer without knowing what the actual answer will be until after the admin has revealed it.

Upon setting the outcome for the challenge, players are awarded points accordingly to what they have selected.

It is recommended that such challenges are based on events or actions that do not have a definitive result until later on. The admin will set the outcome after seeing the results for himself. Both the admin and the players would be kept in the unknown, making this an actual prediction challenge.


  • Cheating is impossible as the correct answer is not known before hand
  • Models real world prediction scenarios and rewards players accordingly for making the correct guess


  • Admin needs to take another step of setting the outcome of the challenge


  • Will it rain tomorrow?
  • Who do you think will win the Record of the Year at the 59th Annual Grammy Award? 

 challenge_type_label_invitation2x Invitation / Referral Challenge

When creating referral challenges, there should be one thing on your mind: ‘I want to get more players‘. With the referral challenge, your players have the ability to invite other new players. It is a win-win situation where players can gain points to redeem rewards, while admins get more players playing your game.

After creating the challenge, players simply need to accept the challenge, and share their unique referral link to the game with other people. No extra action is required by the admin. For every player that plays the game via the referral link, the referrer gains points for it.

Why not start using the referral challenge as free marketing for your games?


  • Little action required by the admin
  • New players joining the game


  • Players may exploit the challenge to earn points


  • If you like this game, share it with your friends for them to enjoy too!
  • Invite your friend to play the game and stand to gain 20 more points!


qr  QR Challenge

QR Codes should be nothing new to you. Creating this challenge generates a QR Code unique to the challenge. Players need to scan the QR Code to complete the challenge. As an admin, you can choose how you would like to promote the QR codes, and how players are supposed to find it.

If your game is to be played at a physical location, print out the QR codes and place them strategically (either in plain sight or hidden), according to the game’s level of difficulty. Implement the QR Challenge in escape the room games or other campaigns where you require your players to move from one location to another. Placing the QR Codes at different locations will help to ensure the movement of players to complete the game.

If your game is a digital treasure hunt of sorts, find clever ways to hide the QR codes (e.g. within webpages, links, emails, alerts, etc.) online, and prepare your players to start hunting!

That being said, this challenge can only be completed on the Mobile App version of Gametize!



Pros: screenshot_2016-12-14-14-13-14

  • More interactive as it intertwines with the physical and/or digital world


  • Players might face problems scanning the QR Code if the physical copy is damaged
  • Cheating can occur through taking photo of the QR Code.


  • Find the QR Code hidden in the room to get the next instruction.
  • Visit Booth#4, to learn about Mexican culture and scan the QR Code at the booth to complete this challenge! 

api API Challenge

API Challenges allow admins to explore more applications of Gamification in their gamified campaigns. Customise your game by adding more metrics and events that can be tracked and award your players for them.

Link your sales performance and award your players points for meeting the sales goals.

Track the number of articles read and award players for each article read.

API Challenges are not for every admin as it requires integration of code into your own existing platforms. It also depends on whether your platform is able to send out API calls.

For those who like more information on this, take a look at this flowchart below.



  • Allows for integration with your company’s system and data
  • Able to award points for a greater scope of tasks performed by players


  • Requires customization of platforms to be integrated
  • Not immediately implementable unlike other challenges


  • Read an article to gain 5 points
  • Credit players with points for hitting their sales targets

That’s it for the current challenges that are available on the Gametize platform. Combine the variety of challenge types with other advanced features such as locking and scheduling to create a complete game.

Have other cool ways to use these challenge types? Or have more questions on these challenge types? Let us know below in the comments section!

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