MVP of the Week 2015: Introducing the oh-so-delicious… Strawberry Ninja!


Hailing from NUS with his strawberry-shaped head and insane tech skills is Oswell! You can find him typing away in his hacker-language at his desk. If not, he’ll be reading books and manga, or playing table tennis and basketball.

Oswell is with Gametize on a 6-months internship, though we wish we could keep him for a bit longer. Here, Oswell works magic with laptops and codes, working on and learning more about UX, UIs, and how gamification can drive real-life behavior.

Some may call tech-savvy people geeks, or find them boring, but Oswell can certainly spin a tale that will have you laughing till tears come to your eyes (evident by his Dixit stories!). He’s a valuable team member, and not just because of his tech skills.

Oh, and. He has another prestigious job title as the CBGO – Chief Board Game Officer. It sounds a little vulgar for some Singaporeans, but it is an important role to teach us new games to inspire our creativity. We will be sad to see him go, but we wish him all the best in his future endeavors!

MVP Of The Week 2015: The sharp and deadly… Ninja Philosopher!


From a land where numbers and words collide, Wena is stuck in the middle: She’s mastered both.

Wena was born in The English Language tribe. Words were her true love. Nouns, verbs, and adjectives were her siblings whom she tossed around and played with growing up. Together, they constructed beautifully complete sentences that would make Shakespeare weep.

However, Wena is a free spirit, hungry for more knowledge.

So, in her tertiary years, Wena danced with banking and finances instead, learning all she could about the inner workings of mathematics and formulae. This act, however, was considered treason by her tribe, and she was banished from her home.

Never one to be deterred, Wena never lost hope, and she trudged on in her solitary journey, until she found a new tribe: Gametize.

Here, she is allowed to love both numbers and words. Here, she is allowed to utilise both.

With her numeric and linguistic skills, in conjunction with her inherent wit and charm, you can bet (if you’re a gambling man), that Wena will be hitting home-runs for Gametize’s leads and clients.

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