The Hunger Games and Gamification

In 2012, one of the must-see films of the year was The Hunger Games, which was also one of the first few films in the “dystopia” genre, which is still immensely popular even now (The Maze Runner, Divergent, Elysium, Ender’s Game, Snowpiercer… There is quite an extensive list.). In The Hunger Games, the Games were created…Read more The Hunger Games and Gamification

Celebrate Halloween old-school style!

Halloween is right around the corner; this Saturday, in fact! So, as a gamification business, do you know what we did? That’s right; we made our very own Halloween game! This year, we’re going to celebrate Halloween old-school style! Jason Vorhees, Freddy Krueger, Chucky... They’re all fine and scary, but they weren’t our first monsters. Now,…Read more Celebrate Halloween old-school style!

Employee Happiness VS Employee Engagement

“Employee happiness”. It’s a term commonly thrown around now by supervisors and bosses and CEOs, but never by employees themselves. Ironic, isn’t it? These days, to sell their companies, higher-ups claim that their employees are happy – no, no, it’s not like they’re lying or anything. They just genuinely believe their own employees are happy.…Read more Employee Happiness VS Employee Engagement

What has Gamification got to do with Politics?

Gamification – the concept of incorporating game-design elements into distribution channels or activities to drive engagement – has been adopted in recruitment, marketing, learning and development, and even HR practices. Politics is also no stranger to the concept, as gamification has been predominant for driving advocacy and engagement…but let us first begin with the basics.…Read more What has Gamification got to do with Politics?

How Wii Games can improve your child

Video games and child development may not go hand-in-hand to the untrained eye but it's been suggested that video games, in this case the Wii device, may be beneficial in certain instances. Wii games are great interactive games that will not only entertain children but also enable them to boost learning and improve hand- and eye-coordination among…Read more How Wii Games can improve your child

Gamification is everywhere

Ever wondered, "Where can I apply gamification?" Let us show you in this infograph. We believe that gamification can be applied to a wide range of industries and that play is an essential part of life! ________________________________________________ This post was contributed by Max Ang, Business Development Mentee @ Gametize Max is the summer Business Ninja…Read more Gamification is everywhere

Gamification with Gametize

Gamification can bring about positive changes to your business. Scroll down to find out more. ________________________________________________ This post was contributed by Jonathan Goh, Business Development Intern @ Gametize Jonathan Goh is a final year Psychology undergraduate at University College London in United Kingdom, London. His research interests lie in mindfulness, decision-making, and applied psychology.

Why are video games so addictive?

Whether you’re flinging angry birds on your phone or chasing aliens on your Xbox, video gaming has become a common part of society. The masterminds responsible, the game developers, have gotten really good at motivating people. It's their job after all to create games that will engage players for as long as possible. The question…Read more Why are video games so addictive?

Can Gamification save the world?

Through learning and analytical thinking, Gamification can save the world. Learning is one of the key benefits that Gamification propagates. You can learn to play or play to learn. Gamification awards points and badges for task completion, acting as an extrinsic motivator for action carried out. However, it is dependent on the initial motivation to…Read more Can Gamification save the world?

Productivity and Play: a paradox?

MIT’s Erik Brynjolfsson wrote about the productivity paradox in a 1993 paper, which can be summarized as the contradiction between technology investments and its benefits (lack of) to organizations. The main takeaway is that technology should not be measured in terms of economics benefits. It should, instead, be seen as an enabler and part of…Read more Productivity and Play: a paradox?