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Gamification is Hard

Gamification, in it’s present digital form, is a very new subject. The word itself isn’t even recognized by Websters, Merriam-Websters or American Heritage. Only Oxford among the major English dictionaries lists a definition. According to the term only dates back to 2004 and didn’t enter wide use until 2010. And Gabe Zichermann’s workshop is …

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7 Potential Pitfalls of Gamification – a Rebuttal

In the May 17, 2012 issue of iMedia Connection Chloe Della Costa wrote an interesting piece called 7 Potential Pitfalls of Gamification. The adjective “potential” softens the critique somewhat, but the article has received a lot of attention in the gamification community and I’d like to respond to each “pitfall” in turn. 1. The motivations …

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Gamifying Education With Grand Theft Auto

Suggesting Grand Theft Auto as a model for gamifying education sounds like suggesting Satanic rituals to increase church attendance. But the other day I found my five-year-old son playing Grand Theft Auto III on our iPad. The Grand Theft Auto series, from Rockstar Games, is one of the most successful video game franchises in history, …

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