Gamification 101

What is Gamification? Gamification is the use of game design and game psychology in non-game settings to engage and motivate target audience for target behaviours. It is definitely not games like Candy Crush or Pokémon Go. Non-game settings refer to any context other than a game. It can be education, marketing and even your health and…Read more Gamification 101

Gamification 102

So you've read what Gamification is all about. So why should you use it? What benefits does it provide? Gamification is able to engage and motivate your audience into learning behaviours, with a balance of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, to make learning and other activities more enjoyable. Motivation is a real issue when it comes to learning…Read more Gamification 102

Gamification 103

Welcome to the 3rd and final part of the 3-part series on Gamification. In the previous parts, we explained what Gamification is and why you should use Gamification. In the final section, we will look at how you can effectively use Gamification. Gamification is a design-thinking focused process to engage and motivate your audience into learning behaviors, with…Read more Gamification 103