Content Collaborators

YES! We are thrilled you have landed on this page to learn more about becoming a Gametize Content Collaborator.

Before diving into the specifics and details of our Content Collaborator program, have a look through our media kit to understand more about us! 

Now for the good stuff!

Here are some examples of our collaborative efforts:

Gourmet Grammar
Improve your English grammar through a fun, learning experience. Compete with others and get to the top of the leaderboard!
iOS | Android | Web

Aon Insights Series 2018
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Welcome to the Aon Insights Series 2018: The Agile HR in the Age of Disruption conference app. Download the app to maximise your learning experience and stay in touch with the happenings on event day.
iOS | Android | Web

The Charisma Game
Want to be more attractive in public, and charm the people around you? Unlock your charisma with this game! [Credits to Eric Feng]

The Healthy Game
Come onto a journey of learning more about your body, health facts, and good habits.
[Credits to Dr Elaine Chua] *Disclaimer: This game is designed only for general educational purposes, given the complexities in the medical field. Please consult your physician for professional opinions.

If you’re reading all this and would love to collaborate with us, feel free to drop an email to us via, or contact us via the form below. Cheers!