Welcome onboard Starship Enterprise, officer. You will be able to see more information about our pricing at https://pricing.gametize.com, whilst this page serves to explain the offerings Gametize Enterprise Platform can offer. The Gametize Enterprise Universe is designed for corporations that require these three key considerations: 

1. Dedicated Server/Database: 

In terms of infrastructure, the Enterprise Plan offers more flexibility, and you will be pleased to know the On-Premises option also allows your organization to set up on your own cloud server/instance, e.g. AWS, Azure, Alicloud. Some clients require a Dedicated Database as they require full ownership of the data in the Platform, whilst other clients require major customizations which will require the Database to be modified. We also have clients that require integration of Gametize Platform, and therefore the Platform will be deployed on-premises internally of their organization.

2. Management Services: 

You can procure Service Hours for Project Management, Creatives, Customizations, Consulting to boost the success of your Gametize Enterprise Platform. 

Enterprise Clients are entitled to a significant discount off the standard rates of USD$250/hour. Please see the following for a detailed workflow of our Project Implementation from Day 1 to Launch. 

3. Pricing: 

This is probably the most important consideration, and this is why we want to ensure you have enough options across the various plans, Basic or Enterprise. The most commonly asked question is “How do you quantify the number of users?”. In Gametize Platform, it simply is the number of active users on the platform for the month. Users can be suspended to ensure they are non-active. 

The following depicts the key differences between Premium Plus (Basic Plan), which also offers a white-label application at USD$12,000/year. You will notice that the Enterprise Plans, whilst having a limit on number of users, offer an unlimited number of Projects/Topics

Before we wrap up here, the following are extracts from our deck at https://corp.gametize.com/about on the 5 main Enterprise-Grade components of Gametize, in the form of Core Features, Collaboration Features, Customizations and Integration, Help and Support, and finally Security and Privacy. You can also read more at https://corp.gametize.com/smartscore. Just tap on the following images to zoom in.

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