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Upcoming Events

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Our Past Events

We are joining Human Capital Best Practices (HCBP) Conference '19 as a Strategic Partner happening from 16-17 October 2019!
Gametize will be participating in InnovJAM Ideathon 2019, hosted by iN.LAB. Join us to be part of the next transformational learning wave!
We're doing another round of our Gametization 101 Workshop! Bring out the "game designer" in you with this complimentary workshop.
Keith will be co-speaking with Adrian Koh on the topic of "Gamified Learning: Looking into groundbreaking strategies to increase learner engagement and knowledge retention" on Day 1 of the conference.
In collaboration with iN.LAB, Gametize is proud to present The Art of Gamification, a complimentary workshop to bring out the "game designer" in anyone.
SHR Seminar Series ’18: Gamification in the Workplace aims to create awareness of the value of gamification in the workplace, and how gamification can be applied to different organizational objectives. Gametize will be one of the panelists and exhibitors at SHR!

Learn how to hack the Gametize platform #likeaboss

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Ideas & Opportunities

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Gametize Office

Visit the Gametize HQ

If you’re in Singapore, you’re always welcome at the Gametize HQ. We can’t host walk-ins as we are too obsessed with Gametizing the world, but we’d love to schedule an appointment with you to meet your favorite Gametize ninja, enjoy the view of Singapore’s CBD, or simply see where the magic happens.