Masterclass 1

Gamification Theory (Basic)

This Masterclass is perfect for anyone just starting out their journey in gamification. Master the basics – learn what gamification is, and how to start using it.

Explore gamification design frameworks and real-life application of gamification with case studies from Gametize across various industries and use cases, such as marketing, HR, L&D, and more.
No prerequisites are required to enrol in this Masterclass.
What you’ll learn
  • Introduction to Gamification
  • Examples of Gamification
  • Why Gamification Works: Understanding Motivation Frameworks
  • Gamification Design Framework: Gametize’s 5D Framework
  • Gamification Use Cases: Employee Engagement, Consumer Engagement, Learning & Development, Talent Acquisition
Upon passing, you’ll be awarded with the Gametize Specialist: Level 1 Certificate.

How to get started

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Course preview

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Learning Path

Masterclass 1

Gamification Theory (Basic)

Master the basics of gamification.
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Masterclass 2

Gametize Platform (Basic)

Learn all the various features of Gametize.
Masterclass 3

Gamification Theory (Advanced)

Create and ideate a gamification strategy.
Masterclass 4

Gametize Platform (Advanced)

Explore the Gametize Platform further.
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Masterclass 5

Gametize for Channel Partners

Learn how Gametize can add value to your services.


Prapim Chutaprutikorn

Prapim is Gametize’s resident creatives person and instructional designer, and has extensive experience as a mentor and an instructor for both children and adults. Her first experience as an instructor was teaching art to children, and she has since transitioned to designing learning materials and experiences for corporate training programs.