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Gametize’s Masterclass Program is developed and curated by our in-house team to help you develop your gamification strategy, hack our platform, and create a great game experience for your audience – and get certified in the process.

Masterclass Certifications

Gametize Basics Specialist
An introductory course to gamification: learn about what gamification is, essential motivational and design principles, and begin crafting your gamification strategy with Gametize’s 5D Framework.
Pricing: Free
Gametize Specialist
Level 1
For those with basic knowledge of gamification – learn to apply your gamification strategy to the Gametize platform create an experience that is engaging and motivating for their target audience.
Coming soon
Gametize Specialist
Level 2
For those who want to take their gamification strategy to the next level. Apply all you’ve learned in the previous Masterclasses to create a super-powered game that encompasses all that the Gametize platform has to offer.
Coming soon

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