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Masterclass 5

Gametize for Channel Partners

Especially curated for our Channel Partners: explore and learn more about the value Gametize can bring to your clients, such as pricing, packages, and features.
You will need to be a Channel Partner with Gametize to enrol for this Masterclass. To learn more about the Channel Partner Program and how to become a Channel Partner, visit https://gametize.com/workwithus or drop an email to enquiry@gametize.com.
You will also need to complete all of the previous Gametize Masterclasses before enrolling:

As a Channel Partner, we greatly value the services you add-on when you use Gametize. We want to help you to get the most out of Gametize and with this Masterclass, you can learn more about how to package Gametize with your services.

What you’ll learn
  • Learn more about Gametize's features and how to pair it with your value-added services
  • Understand the best packages and pricings for your clients' use cases
Upon passing, you’ll be awarded with the Gametize Channel Partner Certificate.

How to get started

We use our very own Gametize Platform to power our Masterclasses.
To get access to our Masterclasses, create a free account. Or, if you already have a Gametize account, login now.

Course preview

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Learning Path

Masterclass 1

Gamification Theory (Basic)

Master the basics of gamification.
Masterclass 2

Gametize Platform (Basic)

Learn all the various features of Gametize.
Masterclass 3

Gamification Theory (Advanced)

Create and ideate a gamification strategy.
Masterclass 4

Gametize Platform (Advanced)

Explore the Gametize Platform further.
cd-fit channel partner
Masterclass 5

Gametize for Channel Partners

Learn how Gametize can add value to your services.
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