Gametize Academy

About me: Natalie

Natalie: Project Management, Academy, Customer Support, Security, Data

Employee by day and student by night, Natalie currently is a student in the Work-Study Programme (WSP), where she was able to have the opportunity to join Gametize as a member of the Business Team. She will be pursuing a post-diploma in Business Analytics while working in Gametize, learning more about gamification and refining her skills in the work force.

On her off days, Natalie enjoys sleeping in, playing games, and spending time with her friends online. 

Things I Enjoy:

  • Drawing
  • Playing video games (Genshin Impact and Cookie Run: Kingdom are my current obsessions!)
  • Working on puzzles (2D and 3D, I have a small collection in my room)
  • Watching animated shows and movies
    • The Owl House, Avatar the Last Airbender, Gravity Falls, Coraline, to name a few
    • On a related note: stop motion animation films are amazing

Fun Facts About Me:

  1. I never tried ice-cream until I was 11 years old
  2. I’ve been in an all girl’s school for about 10 years, that’s half my life!
  3. I pierced my ears when I was 19, and my second lobe piercing 7 months later!
  4. A television once fell on me when I was around 6 (when they still made box TVs D:)
  5. I prefer white noise in the background (fan sounds, rain, etc), I find it unsettling in dead silence