You have a Plan… We have a Platform.. UHH!

Hello there, we are glad you found us, and more importantly, believe we could be part of your grand plan. You want to run it through someone, and you think we might be the bullets to your NERF gun, and want to talk to us. Some serious people call this “Request for Information”.

Through the test of time and trials, we learnt that mismatch in expectations can happen, when potential users knows too little about us before any conversations. Sometimes they feel let down and get upset. That sucks.

//but wait… Pikotaro is here to save the day!

We don’t want to let you down. Like Pikotaro, we want to make you smile. Here are 3 challenges we recommend to ensure the call/meeting will be a skyrocketing one.

1. Check out our cheatsheet at for all the nuts and bolts you need to learn about Gametize. 

2. Like what you saw? Awesome. You probably are ready to see some number$. Glide your way to

3. That’s some great pricing for everyone, isn’t it??  Next up, signup for FREE as an Gametize admin at and create your first Game with the free plan. Want the full suite? Pikotaro is in the mood, yo! Here’s a bonus: use “LetMeIn” to get 100% off your first month’s subsweetion!

Pssst. If you are a power user here who wants to scan our API documentation, drift to  Just ask for the password by emailing, with the header: “API CODE PLS”. 

image_uploaded_from_ios-1.jpg//Pikotaro recruits two random angels because they love his awesome coupon code. 

Checked off (1), (2), and (3)? Great, you are all set! Please email, share your project’s url (it looks something like, tell us what you want to achieve with Gametize, and what help you would like. Or, just use the form below. 

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We could advise you over email, voice messages, but if you would like a call, just let us know where you are and some dates good for you. If you are any luck, Pikotaro might just join in, but he really wants you to check off 1, 2, and 3. 

Meanwhile, here’s treat for you 😉