Gametize Starter Guide

Managing your Project

For technical support and FAQ, please go to

Choosing your Project Plan​

If you do not already have a Project on the Gametize Platform, the Platform will prompt you to select a Plan before continuing. Otherwise, you will be directed straight to the Admin Dashboard.
You can learn more about each Plan’s Features by clicking on “Compare Plans” on each Plan. 

7-Day Free Premium Plan Trial

Alternatively, you can choose a 7-day trial of the Premium Plan by clicking “Start Free Trial”. Click here to learn more about the Gametize 7-day free trial.

Project Templates

If you have subscribed to the Regular Plan and above, after you choose a Plan, you’ll have the choice to either build your own Project from scratch or choose a Project Template from our curated collection.

Choosing a Project Template will import the template into your Dashboard for you to edit directly.

Click here to learn more about Project Templates.

For this Starter Guide, let’s create a Blank Project.

Project Manager

After you choose a Plan and have created your first Project, you can edit your Project details.

Project Image (Optional)

As this is optional, if you don’t upload an image, this will be left blank when you publish your game.
project image

Project Name

This is what your Project is called.

Project Description (Optional)

Give an overview of what your Project is about. This is optional – if you leave this blank, then only your Project Name will be shown.

Project Code

This is an alphanumeric code that users can access your game with. Make sure it’s easy to remember!

Contact Email (Optional)

This is the email users can contact for support. By default, this goes to our Customer Support team ( However, if you want users to contact you instead, put your email here.
Our Customer Support team are very quick to respond and will direct queries straight to you for game-related content, so it’s recommended to leave this blank.

Project Privacy

You can also set your Project’s privacy as either Public or Private. As a default, your game will be set to Public. What this means:
  • Public: All users can play your game.
  • Private: Only invited users can play your game. Non-invited users will be shown a screen saying your Project is private.
If you’re not sure about this, leave it as Public for now.

Allow Challenge Search (Optional)

Checking this option will enable a search bar where Players can search for Challenges by keywords. By default, this option is unchecked.
Click Save Changes and you’ll be directed to your Project Manager. You are now ready to begin adding Topics!