Gametize Platform: Terms and Conditions

This agreement is to be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore, and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Republic of Singapore.

1. Disclaimer:

  • I. This quotation does not take into account Terms & Conditions the Client may have with regards to the governing of this engagement or licensing. GAMETIZE PTE LTD has the right to revise this quotation based on Terms & Conditions of the Client.

2. Copyrights:

  • GAMETIZE PTE LTD agrees to license to the Client all copyrights in Intellectual Property (IP) of content arising out of this engagement.
  • GAMETIZE PTE LTD agrees to license Gametize Platform (the “Platform”) to the Client for the stated duration from the commencement date of the license.
  • Clause 2 shall supersede all other background Intellectual Property (IP) clauses, terms and/or stipulations, including but not limited to, this Quotation, agreements and contracts pertaining to this engagement.


3. Service Level:

I. Monday to Friday, 10.00am – 7.00pm GMT+8 (the “Working Hours”).

II. GAMETIZE PTE LTD (the “Service Provider”) will answer to related enquiries within 24 Working Hours.

III. The Service Provider will not guarantee fixed turn round time, as it will differ from one enquiry to the next. Estimated turnaround time will be communicated to the Client once the enquiry has been successfully determined.

IV. During non Working Hours, the Service Provider will determine if the enquiry is of the following nature:

a. Critical system failures that affect utilization of the Platform’s main features (i.e. Unable to retrieve session key, unable to reward user with points): Best effort action will be taken.

b. Minor system bugs that do not affect utilization of the Platform’s main features (i.e. User interface bugs on Admin Dashboard): Enquiry will be held until the next Working Hours.

V. Best effort statement: The Service Provider guarantees that reasonable effort will be taken to address the Client enquiry as immediately as possible. Not only we value the quality of service to the Client, the Platform represents the Service Provider. Failure in addressing the Client enquiries might negatively affect the Service Provider’s credibility.


4. Payments and Price Adjustment:

I. The Client shall pay 100% of the contract sum within 30 days of Invoice unless
otherwise mutually agreed upon in writing.

II. A monthly penalty of 1% upon the quoted price will be levied on delays in payment.


5. Warranty:

I. GAMETIZE PTE LTD warrants that it will provide a Working Product as described in Quotation for

Gametize-powered Solution that conform(s) to the specifications mutually agreed with the Client.

II. GAMETIZE PTE LTD further warrants it will provide the services in a timely fashion. GAMETIZE PTE

LTD shall not be responsible for project delays caused by circumstances beyond its control.

AS WITNESS the hands of the Parties hereto or their duly authorized representatives the day and year first

above written.