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A game with too muchinteraction (e.g. too much unnecessary information being thrown at players or irrelevant challenges) versus too little interaction (e.g. a player wins a duel but there is no mention of his victory nor does he receive any additional rewards) can be frustrating for a player for completely different reasons!

You would not want your players to feel like they are playing the game alone!


Therefore, it is only natural for us to value the communication we have with our players by ensuring there are various types of feedback and communication channels present throughout the game. The Gametize platform allows admins to effectively communicate and provide the necessary feedback to all players in various ways. Here is a quick glance at the different types of communication channels to interact to your players on Gametize:

1. Post-Submission Feedback

After each submission challenge, players will receive an instantaneous feedback message that will inform them if they have answered the challenge correctly (or incorrectly). Admins can even add in a post-submission message shown after players complete the challenge.

The immediate post-submission feedback ensure that players are not only informed of their results promptly but also know what they could have done better (especially if they have gotten it wrong). See an example below where the player has gotten the question wrong and sees additional information regarding the question.


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2. Points Allocation

Another form of immediate feedback is points allocation. For all of the challenges (except the Prediction challenge), points will be allocated immediately after a player has completed the challenge. Instant gratification (in the form of points) will motivate players to keep on going and continue completing challenges for more points. Tell your players that they have done a good job or console them with some points even if they had gotten the challenge wrong! From the example above, the player was given 10 points even though the question was answered wrongly.

3. Pop-up Alerts

Pop-up alerts are useful for admins who want to push pop_up_alertout a
notification or alert to all players who have access to the game. Once an admin has set a pop-up alert within a game, all players will receive it when they log onto the game. Use pop-up alerts to inform players of updates to your game such as new rewards, challenges or upcoming updates.

To find out more about how to create pop-up alerts, click here!

With various ways to communicate with your players, choose the one (or all) method that will fit your messaging needs best!

Have any other forms of communication that you are keen to implement? Let us know by commenting below! We appreciate any feedback that you may have. 🙂