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Learn gamification with our Masterclass

Gametize’s Masterclass is developed and curated by our in-house team to help you develop your gamification strategy, hack our platform, and create a great game experience for your audience.

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These lessons are live within the Gametize platform.
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Masterclass 1

Gamification Theory (Basic)

Master the basics of gamification.
Masterclass 2

Gametize Platform (Basic)

Learn all the various features of Gametize.
Masterclass 3

Gamification Theory (Advanced)​

Create and ideate a gamification strategy.
Masterclass 4

Gametize Platform (Advanced)

Explore the Gametize Platform further.
cd-fit channel partner
Masterclass 5

Gametize for Channel Partners

Learn how Gametize can add value to your services.

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