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"What an amazing experience to work with Gametize for the past 4 years. We appreciate their creative approach and ideas to bringing our e-learning platform SBA to the whole next level. Simple yet fun learning platform improved our employees' product and soft skill knowledge, drove the sales and achieved our goals. We are really impressed with how well the connection with the floor salesman was by just using SBA. It has been great working with Gametize and we hope to work with them again in the future."


Retail Training Executive

"We've created a #GametizeWednesday program, wherein challenges will be revealed every Wednesday for our employees to enjoy and loosen up a bit. Winner(s) will get GCs and Worx points where they can use to redeem items and rewards. We tied it up with our e-learning sessions and other company events. We are really happy to have gotten the chance to discover and utilize this app. More power to Gametize!"


Training Manager, Worx Group of Companies

"Participants I spoke to enjoyed the gamification aspect of the prize redemption. They also noted that it was different from their usual expectation of an education conference. The challenges in the app helped to encourage participants to reflect on the keynotes and conference speakers.”


Assistant Director, CTE Team Centre for Teaching Excellence, Singapore Management University

“The team at Gametize have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They helped us develop a proof of concept for a new training solution and really impressed us with their knowledge and expertise in gamification. They were also super agile with their problem-solving approach for us and many times went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we got the help we needed! It was a great experience and we hope to be able to work with them again.”


Associate Director, BBIC Asia

“The Gametize team successfully helped us to create a virtual career platform with some gamification concepts (achieving 200,000 hits) in under a month. It was very well received across the Bank. We are now reviewing and discussing a Phase II rollout next year.”


Banking Executive

“Network Ninjas was a resounding success within Retention. With participation over 70% and a high degree of activity between users, the numbers speak for themselves."


Director SMB & Transformation, Optus

“Gametize has brought fresh ideas on the table to encourage colleague interaction, therefore strengthening the whole SSC team as a result.”


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Many of Gametize’s customers and collaborators are industry leaders who look to innovate their organizations. We’re proud to show you how they’ve worked with us to create fresh, fun solutions.

Consumer Engagement

ACE Entrepreneurship Week

Gametize powered the official event app for ACE Entrepreneurship Week 2012, the world’s largest entrepreneurial movement to encourage youths to make their mark.

Unilever: House of Lux

A leading multinational company uses Gametize to create an engaging personality quiz to match users to their perfect fragrance.


Asia’s first gamified entrepreneurial event brings fun to a whole new level using a mobile app.

Automotive Firm: FIT2018

Consumer Engagement
A leading multinational automotive company uses Gametize to create real-time engagements with a seamless voting system.

Digital Life: Diablo III Quest

Consumer Engagement
Digital Life successfully pulls off a real-world game to commemorate the launch of Diablo III and increase engagement among fans in Singapore.

Employee Engagement

a ninja quest app icon

E-Commerce Firm: A Ninja Quest

An e-commerce firm used an app powered by Gametize to introduce the company’s foundational values and principles to employees in their Singapore office.

Talent Intelligence × Gamuda

Our Channel Partner, Talent Intelligence, helped Gamuda to create a gamified team-building program to introduce and cultivate core values and build team synergy.

Auditing Firm: Health-Made-Fun-Challenge

An auditing firm used Gametize as part of their wellness program to encourage their staff to adopt healthy lifestyle habits during their busy period.

Singapore Sports Council: Team SSC Day

In 2013, Gametize powered Team SSC Day to encourage SSC members to practice healthy living and encourage team bonding between the various departments.

Optus: Yes! Quest

With Gametize, Optus were able to create a game that their staff found fun to use, with the variety of different challenges and social elements.

Bank: Carnival Annual Dinner 2018

A bank’s events committee digitalizes their annual dinner & dance by building interactivity and excitement with fun challenges, such as voting and photo-taking using the Gametize App.

People Psyence × AmBank Group

Our Channel Partner, People Psyence® , worked with AmBank Group to gamify their HR Townhall and increase participation and engagement.

Learning & Development

Bank: Space Runner

In commemorate SG50, the Space Runner was launched where players could embark on a learning journey in the galaxy.

SMU: GameLead

SMU worked together with Gametize to solve the problem of engagement beyond the classroom to make learning much more engaging.

Talent Intelligence ×
Martin Brower

Our Channel Partner, Talent Intelligence, helped Martin Brower to engage learners on Risk and Crisis Management.
project image revisionary quest

New Town Primary School: A Revisionary Quest

Gametize creates a gamified experience to make English revision interesting, exciting, and easy.

People Psyence × KWAP

Our Channel Partner, People Psyence® , worked with KWAP to create a gamified project to socialize KWAP’s values across the entire organization.

Talent Acquisition

Bank: Journey Around Asia​

A leading financial services group automates their recruitment process while driving engagement and building a fun, positive company culture.

Robo G

Gametize helps a telecommunications firm to find the best and brightest talents to induct into the MA Program.

JOS Innovation Awards

Gametize powers Gnnovation, a mobile platform to engage attendees of the JOS Innovation Awards 2019

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