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Cyber Gamification Case Study

A multinational technology company uses Gametize to engage employees in cybersecurity awareness.






Engagement Rate

About The Client

A multinational tech company offers a wide range of on-demand services through one application. Known for its user-friendly platform, it has transformed urban mobility and convenience.

The client continuously strengthens its cybersecurity and data protection measures to ensure that the network, systems, and data are safe from potential vulnerabilities, as well as to comply with a wide range of privacy laws and regulations.

They are also committed to promoting a cybersecurity culture in the workplace. Employees and contractors undergo mandatory cybersecurity training and are required to attend annual refreshers.

The Challenge

The existing Awareness Training Program is mainly conducted and communicated via email and no feedback is provided by the user to the management team to improve on the program. The information delivered via email might be overwhelming for the users and users might not even have read the emails.

The client wanted an engagement solution via gamification to supplement the existing cyber awareness program to raise cybersecurity awareness/issues among employees. In addition, they wanted to gamify the journey so that the employees can return to the platform on a regular basis through the introduction of monthly topics and daily check-in challenges.

Objectives & Goals

The client’s main goal is to increase knowledge retention amongst participants by delivering content about Cyber Security through the Gametize Platform. Also included are common cybersecurity risks that Users might encounter by exploding and getting users to familiarize with the common risks and what to look out for in the future.

Some metrics the Client’s project team planned to use to determine success included:

  • 80% Completion Rate
  • 80% of Users were able to identify the correct quiz answer
  • User spend around 15 minutes on the platform
  • The Client will check on the player’s completions to understand how their journeys have helped to improve players’ cybersecurity knowledge. In addition, to evaluate if the journey was helpful for the users.

Player Profile

The player profile for this Campaign were the internal employees, from different countries including Singapore and Southeast Asia, offering a diverse player profile.

There are several intrinsic motivations uniting these employees: Competition, Recognition, Rewards/Incentives, Knowledge Transfer. These motivations drive the employees to be more proactive when it comes to games. 

The Solution: Cyber Gamification Platform

The Client wanted to capture the interest and enhance the experience of Players by creating a universe with missions for them to accomplish, and so, “Cyber Gamification” was created.

Players joined as Cyber Ninjas to discover the root cause of the infestation of CyberNetic Insects in the planets by learning about Cyber Awareness, and throughout the journey would complete various challenges, earn rewards, and collect achievements.

Interactions & Challenges

The Client used Gametize’s platform to raise Cybersecurity awareness for their employees, and reward them for their actions on the platform. Topics are specially created for Cyber Awareness along with few engagement content to keep the learning fun.

Different Types of challenges include:

1. Early Sign-ups Challenges

The Client implemented a strategy to attract early sign-ups to the platform. They offer extra points for employees who sign up early, with the number of points increasing the earlier they sign up.

2. Knowledge Check Quizzes

To ensure the safety and security of their employees and customers, the Client has implemented measures to sharpen their employees’ cybersecurity skills. One such initiative is the creation of various quizzes that enable employees to enhance their knowledge of different types of cyber policies and possible threats. These quizzes are designed to be interactive and engaging, with several standout quizzes such as crossword puzzles and Spot the Scam.

3. Check-In Challenges

In order to maintain player enthusiasm and engagement, the “Monthly Ninja Check-In” was introduced. This feature encourages players to regularly log into the platform, offering a series of unlockable achievements as a reward for their active participation.

4. Achievements & Badges

Badges were awarded after employees embarked on their journey on the platform. These badges served as an engagement tool to drive employees to complete all challenges.

5. Rewards

The Client listed their vouchers and digital merchandise on the platform reward store to incentivize their employees. Among the rewards, there are unique items that aim to enhance the user’s experience, such as custom the Client Live Wallpaper for Zoom. This particular digital merchandise is not only a functional tool but also a fun and creative way to showcase the the Client brand. By offering exclusive and personalized digital merchandise, the Client aims to drive their employees to use the platform, not only to redeem rewards but also to engage with the brand and feel valued as part of the company’s community.

Engagement & Promotion

The launch period of the the Client Gamification Platform was an overwhelming success. the Client employees were highly engaged with the platform, with many actively participating in quizzes, challenges, and reward redemptions. The platform was designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, and visually appealing, creating a positive user experience for all participants. The unique rewards and digital merchandise offered on the platform also generated excitement and enthusiasm among employees, with many eager to earn points and claim rewards.

The Results


The results of the Client Cyber Gamification were impressive in terms of player engagement. A total of 2 projects were created to-date, with 1,652 players logging in to participate. The total number of completions were 23,096, indicating that users were highly engaged with the content. Flashcards were the most popular content type, with 62 created, followed by confirmation challenge with 40

The project that achieved the highest engagement remarkably exceeded expectations, reaching an average engagement rate of 88.27%. This not only surpassed the set goal of an 80% Engagement Rate, but also resulted in a total of 22,329 completions. .

The results clearly indicate that the Client’s Cyber Gamification initiative was effective in engaging its users and fostering cybersecurity awareness. By incorporating a diverse range of content and elements of gamification, the Client succeeded in transforming cybersecurity education into an enjoyable and interactive experience, which resulted in increased engagement levels.


The Client also introduced the “Refer a Friend to Gain Points!” mission as a strategic move to encourage more employees to participate in the campaign. This referral mission not only incentivized existing users to invite their colleagues to join, but also fostered a sense of community within the platform.

To further boost engagement and foster a healthy sense of competition, the Client also recognized and celebrated the top referrers each month. This not only served as an acknowledgment of their efforts, but also as a badge of honor among users, thereby promoting continued participation and engagement in the campaign.

To make the Client’s Cyber Gamification even better, it’s a good idea to keep the cool story going. Right from the start, the Client has this awesome setup where players fight off CyberNetic Insects that try to mess with their data to keep the planet safe. Ensuring that the story remains vibrant in every mission can boost the involvement. To make it more fun, they can involve the story as part of every mission. Imagine there are 12 planets, each with 12 missions, and they have to save each planet. the Client can even add challenging tasks representing bosses on each stage to make it more exciting. This way, players stay interested and feel like they’re on an important mission, building a strong sense of teamwork and achievement.


With Gametize, the Client’s Cyber Gamification initiative effectively engaged employees in cybersecurity awareness, surpassing engagement goals and fostering a sense of community. By combining gamification elements, diverse content, and rewards, the Client successfully transformed cybersecurity education into an enjoyable and interactive experience, ultimately enhancing knowledge retention and employee engagement.

Verdict? Gametized!