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Hello Gametize Creators,

As we step into 2024, Gametize is committed to its primary goal of enhancing user engagement. The end of December marked a significant milestone in our journey, with the roll-out of major updates: Discussions (Beta) and Digital Credentials (Beta). These updates are just the beginning, as we continue to refine and optimize our features.

1. Gametize App 2.0

Gametize App 2.0 is currently undergoing development with a strong focus on delivering a new user interface and an enhanced user experience. Last year, we marked significant progress by introducing a greatly improved UI and UX as part of the Gametize App 2.0 initiative. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be launching the Official Gametize App 2.0 by the end of January 2024. Stay tuned for the big release!

Download the latest beta version now to experience the improvements firsthand. 

Links to download the Gametize App 2.0 (Beta):


In 2024, our objective is to further enrich the app with a variety of exciting features and functions:

a. New and Improved Home Page

We’ve given our homepage a fresh look to make your experience even better. Now, you’ll find a “Featured” section showcasing popular and trending content, a “Recently Viewed” section for quick access to your recent visits, and a way to track your achievements across all content. You can also search for what content you’re looking for.

b. App-level Rewards Store

The App Level Reward Stores brings simplicity to reward management for Enterprise Plan clients with multiple projects. All points earned across multiple projects now pool into a single reward store. It’s that easy. No more juggling rewards in separate places. Admins have a central view for smoother management. Simplify rewards, motivate your team, and enjoy the flexibility of the app level reward stores.

Note: This function can only be enabled per request until the configuration manager is ready. Please contact our support team for assistance.

In the future phase,  we’ll allow admins to configure multiple reward stores for different purposes within the App-Level Reward Store.

c. App Customizer

We want to include more personalization and flexibility to our App Customizer to suit your preference and branding.

  • Able to upload image(s) to customize Project tour screens
    • To include a project tour icon in a corner or menu so that players can view the guide/instructions for that Project the first time they log in (similar to a pop-up menu) and whenever they wish to review the rules/instructions.
  • Admins are able to have a greater degree of customizations for their Projects
    • Set the colour of the navigation bar
    • Set the colour of home button backgrounds
    • Set the colour of home button text
    • Set the colour of CTA buttons (do Topic, do Challenge etc.)

  • Customize widgets and backgrounds on the Project home page
    • Admin can customize widgets and backgrounds to suit your needs, making it simple to showcase their brand, highlight important information, or add some creative touch to the page.
  • Custom Content Layout:
    • Calendar View: Display and view Challenges/Topics in a calendar layout by adding event dates and times.
    • Map View: Show Challenges/Topics on a map by adding location metadata.
    • “Timeline” or Linear Journey Map: Arrange challenges in sequential order to visualize progress.

2. Discussions - A Community Forum by Gametize

Last year, Gametize introduced Discussions (Beta), a feature allowing users to explore and contribute to various topics in a relaxed setting, distinct from the structured comments and Activity Feed.

The Discussion toggle has been successfully deployed to We invite creators to explore the Discussion features by enabling discussions through You can do this by navigating to “Project Tools” > “Project Settings” > “Discussions Settings”. Please note that once enabled, the Discussion feature will automatically appear in the project hamburger menu.

To try out the Discussion features, download the Gametize App 2.0 and search for the project “Demo” within the app.

Please Note: Discussions feature is currently optimized in Gametize App 2.0; Player Web enhancements planned by Q1 2024. Subject to development timelines. Thank you for your patience.


As we move into 2024, our focus is on enhancing Discussions with:

a. Enhanced Moderation and Organization
  • Search and Filtering: Users can search and filter posts by various criteria such as board, keyword, author etc.
  • Board Categorization: Organize discussions into different categories or boards based on topic or theme.
  • Moderator Queue: Review and approve posts before they go live.
  • Post Management: Move, edit, and pin posts for better organization.
  • Comments: Admins and mods can leave comments for communication.
  • Unlocking and Privacy: Users can access content through unlocking and privacy settings.
b. Points and Achievements
  • Earning Points: Users accumulate points for posts, replies, and votes.
  • Unlocking Content: Points unlock exclusive content, including bonuses for popular posts.
c. Kudos and Awards
  • User Recognition: Users can give kudos or awards to commend others’ contributions.
d. Improved Analytics and Reporting
  • Updated Structure: Analytics reflect the new post and reply structure.
  • Engagement Insights: Metrics like views, likes, and comments help track post popularity and user engagement.

3. Digital Credentials - Powered by Certivate

Certivate, the Digital Credentials Solution Provider, kickstarts its journey by offering Digital Certification as our the product on the Gametize Platform. Our aim is to offers e-certification, digital badges, and secure digital credential wallets, all backed by blockchain technology for top-notch security. Administrators benefit from an easy-to-use dashboard, while users can manage and view their digital credentials conveniently, including those from other sources.

In its initial phase, Certivate will be integrated with the Gametize platform, later evolving into its own individual platform manager, promising a simple and comprehensive solution for all digital credential needs.

Certivate is proud to announce the successful completion of Phase 1 of our deployment on the Gametize platform. During this phase, we have introduced a range of essential features:

  • Issue and Revoke: Easily issue and revoke digital credentials.
  • View: Conveniently access digital credentials.
  • Verify: Seamlessly verify credential authenticity.
  • Print or Download: Option to print or download certificates.
  • Report: Generate usage reports.
  • Certificate Configuration: Ready templates, customizable certificate names and descriptions.

Please Note: Currently in beta testing accessible by Gametize HQ and Channel Partners only, we’re working on Phase 2, set to launch in February 2024. Phase 2 will bring more customization options, including logo, signature, and custom templates, to provide an even more comprehensive digital credential solution.

Sneak Peek into the our first Digital Credentials feature – Certificates:

4. Advancements in Gamification Mechanics

Our roadmap for 2024 includes a focus on gamification mechanics to boost motivation and engagement:

a. Level Up System
  • Level Curves: Designed to balance challenges and rewards.
  • Level Checkpoints: Offering users milestones to aim for, providing a sense of accomplishment.
b. Power-Ups
  • Redeem power ups from the reward store with users’ points
    e.g. x2 points for the next Challenge, 50/50 elimination of options for a Quiz Challenge
c. Repeatable Challenges with Shuffle Content
  • Allows admins to set up Daily Challenges that continuously offer a set of content from topic to users
d. Content-Related Enhancements
  • Introduce more variety of new Minigames, including memory, crossword puzzles, Whack a Mole and more. Check out our Minigames demo here: Gametize Minigames Demo
  • Time-Based Content:
    Specify a defined time frame or duration starting from a particular time or trigger action to accommodate “Scheduled Activities.” These Scheduled Activities can encompass:
    • Leaderboards: For instance, you have 4 hours to accumulate as many points as possible and secure a prominent position on the leaderboard.
    • Challenges: Challenges will have a predetermined availability period, after which they will be closed or expire.
    • Topics: Similar to challenges, you can earn more points by completing a topic within a shorter timeframe.
    • Rewards: Certain rewards will only be accessible for a limited period before they become unavailable.
    • Achievements: These are akin to rewards and follow the same availability constraints.
    • Bonus Points/Awardable Actions: You can only earn these bonus points or perform awardable actions while the event is active.
e. Storytelling Enhancements:
  • Branching Unlocks: Allow different content to unlock based on a quiz or poll challenge. This can be used to build custom narratives in projects
    e.g. Ask if the players like chocolate or vanilla ice cream > unlock the challenge which has an image of chocolate or vanilla ice crease based on which option they chose.
  • Sound Clips: Incorporating voice, music, and narration to enrich the storytelling aspect.
    e.g. Users can listen to narrated stories with expressive voice acting and background music, elevating the storytelling experience.

5. Configuration Enhancements

Our roadmap 2024 also includes significant upgrades for admins to better manage and configure the platform and content:

The Gametize Roadmap for 2024 is all about making user engagement better and admin tasks easier. We’re always improving and adding new, exciting features. Our goal is to make sure everyone, from users to admins, has a smooth, fun, and rewarding time with Gametize, keeping us at the forefront of gamification. Stay tune for the updates!