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2023: Gametize evolves beyond Gamification

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It was a whirlwind year for Gametize in 2023. From playful Hangman and sociable Gametize Discussions, to winning a prestigious sustainability grant and partnering with universities such as SMU and UPM, we have been hustling and bustling. Stealth projects such as Digital Credential Management and Compliance-focused suite also lurk in the corners of our labs waiting to spring to life 😉  

This, dear Gametize creator, is the future we envision. And it’s in 2024 that those brush strokes will come to life. Yet, before we set off into the future, let’s rewind how we have evolved.

Gametize's Memorable Milestones in 2023

1. Gametize App 2.0 and Widgets: A Whole New World!

We placed great emphasis on optimizing the player experience by taking our cue from the direct user feedback to create a balance between amazing UX and scalability. Gametize App 2.0 boosts a much more intuitive layout, subtle visual updates. We traded the swiping interface so more topics can now be featured. For once, our Android and iOS app will look exactly the same. Gametize Widgets makes it easier for creators to create an App beyond gamification alone for more utilities such as featured content. Select a default homepage, or create an attractive carousel banner to promote your content. 

Please note that this is currently launched in Gametize Beta and for selected clients. It will be launched officially on Gametize in Quarter 1 2024.

2. Gametize Minigames: Let's hang out and play

Spice up your campaigns and animate your projects with our fun new Gametize Minigames! Whether it’s the linguistic challenges of Hangman or brain-teasing puzzles like Reorder the Objects, there is no shortage of choices. Scratch Cards and Spin the Wheels will keep your audience on their toes, turning chance to advantage.

Latest suite of Gametize Minigames

3. Gametize Discussions: Community Building and Engagement

Gametize Discussions will revolutionize the way users interact with each other in Gamemetize. This gamified Community Forum is an open shop of discussion, exchange, and dissemination where insights and ideas are traded freely. Discussions are more than a feature: they’re community builders and conversation starters in one. Kudos can be earned by users by being valuable posters.

Please note that this is currently launched in Gametize Beta and will be launched officially on Gametize in Quarter 1 2024.

4. Project Content Export: We will not hold your content ransom

The Project Content Export feature lets you export your Project without any fuss: topics, challenges, achievements, rewards, and more. This feature provides a helicopter overview of the your project’s design, allowing you to view, evaluate, and strategize the content you have produced. This is an extremely powerful new feature because it means you are able to export freely and move outside of Gametize if you have to. We certainly believe in freedom of choice in this relationship 😉

5. Gametize Rewards: Vouchers Galore!

Players can personalize their experience by crafting unique messages when they redeem and collect rewards from the store. Additionally, you can offer real-world treats to players by enabling Voucher Codes, which can be used as discounts, subscriptions, or exclusive offers. To further enhance the redemption process, players can take advantage of the Reward Variation feature that allows them to choose different sizes, colors, or types when redeeming their rewards.

Voucher Code
Reward Variation

6. Enterprise Integration Meets Gamification

First, Gametize Slack Integration keeps your team and players in the loop. It enables you to inform players about new features, announcements, and the latest leaderboard changes. It can also be used to nudge inactive players back onto the line. Today, Gametize has been integrated with KnowBe4. You can now establish custom requirements for carrying out various tasks within the system based on whether Knowbe4 training is complete or not. Finally, we welcome Microsoft into our Social Sign-in family. Earlier our login relied on platforms such as Facebook, and Google. Now, you can sign in with ease. No more trouble remembering multiple logins! Microsoft SSO has been integrated to provide a smooth, secure, and hassle-free login experience.

Gametize Highlights and Events

Between January and July 2023, we formed a partnership with Singapore Management University (SMU) to offer the SMU-X LTB module. The primary objective of this collaboration was to assist students in developing problem-solving, leadership, and team-building abilities. Our collaboration with SMU was successful and we continued it again from August to October 2023, with a focus on sustainability.

In July 2023, Gametize achieved a great feat as one of the eight winning solutions piloted in the Jurong Lake District (JLD) to lead urban sustainability. One of the organizers, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), quoted in their media release, “The winning solution by Gametize motivates users to adopt sustainable practices by getting them to track their consumption and waste habits through challenges on a gamified application that also offers rewards and feedback.” We are delighted to foster positive behavior and encourage sustainable practices through our Gametize platform. 

Somewhere around August 2023, Gametize and Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Partnership for Executive Education and Certification Program where Gametize and the School of Business and Economics (SPE), Universiti Putra Malaysia, signed a Letter of Intent to develop an executive education strategy and to endorse Gametize’s Certification Program.

Along the way, we always ask ourselves, have we ever wondered what it feels like to learn about gamification while avoiding common pitfalls? So, we considered getting you a glimpse of that experience by using our free Guide and Checklist of Five Pitfalls in Gamification to your advantage. By doing so, you can reach your gamification success faster.

Gametize Certification Program
Finally, A Hands-On Learning Program That Shows How To Make Gamification Work!

As part of our brand’s line revamp in September 2023, we have redesigned our mascot, Maki, to have a more __ appearance. (You may fill in the blank!) Maki has undergone several facelifts since we introduced the Ninja storyline internally over a decade ago.

Maki Gametize process
Maki Gametize Employee Engagement
Maki Gametize Employee Engagement

 This time in October 2023, we had the opportunity to participate as an exhibitor at the National Human Capital Conference & Exhibition (NHCCE) 2023 held in Malaysia. We shared with more than 200 participants about Gametize and we are humbled by all of you who came by.

National Human Capital Conference NHCCE 2023 Gametize
Gametize at National Human Capital Conference NHCCE 2023 Event

That’s it for the Gametize 2023 year in review.

We look forward to all the cool stuff you’ll build with us in 2024. Look out for our upcoming post on what to expect next. Meanwhile, here are the faces of 2023 wishing you an awesome year ahead 🙂

The adventure continues...

That’s it for the Gametize 2023 year in review. Please feel free to express your thoughts and questions in the comments section below. For more up-to-date news, visit Gametize and follow us on social media (FacebookLinkedIn and Instagram). We look forward to all the cool stuff you’ll build with us in 2024. We have a 2024 Roadmap that will provide more details. Meanwhile, here are the faces of 2023 wishing you an awesome year ahead 🙂

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