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Level Up Engagement: 3 Ways to Level Up your Gametize Experience with 3rd Party Solutions

Ingrid Kuok
Academy Co-Lead

Welcome to another fabulous listicle. Let’s cut to the chase, since it seems that the point of lists is their efficiency. We’ll be sharing some amazing and out-of-the-box solutions that can be easily integrated into the Gametize experience as they are all web-based with no-code implementations.

Augmented Reality

1. 8th Wall

8th Wall is an exciting platform that brings AR to life effortlessly. With their user-friendly approach, no extensive coding knowledge is required (gasp). From interactive elements to captivating animations, creators can craft immersive AR experiences that seamlessly merge the real world with digital wonders, allowing you to explore exciting possibilities with ease and creativity. No app is required, you can directly experience 8th Wall in your mobile browser.

2. Zapworks

Zapworks has us trembling in excitement in our oddly-shaped eggshells. They are an innovative platform that enables users to create AR experiences, bringing your ideas to life by combining digital content, interactive elements, and animations into immersive AR and VR experiences. They have made it incredibly easy to create immersive web-based augmented reality (WebAR) experiences – no apps, no downloads and no coding knowledge (double gasp).

HTML5 Mini-Games

1. Puzzel offers a wide range of puzzles and brain teasers from classic crosswords and Sudoku to cryptograms and acrostics. The platform allows users to create their own puzzles, which is where Gametize does a little hoppity hop in. With a user-friendly interface and a supportive community, is a great destination to find fun puzzles to implement into your own Gametize-powered project. Get puzzel-ing!

2. has thousands upon thousands of free HTML5 games that can be embedded and hosted in your Gametize-powered project. Whether you’re looking for a super quick gaming session during a break, or diving into a competitive or collaborative game with fellow players, has something for everyone.

Virtual Worlds: VR and Virtual Tours

1. H5P — Virtual Tour (360)

A personal favourite, HP5’s HTML5-based Virtual Tour allows users to create interactive 360° environments that can be enhanced with text explanations, atmospheric sounds, relevant videos, and interactive questions. It is surprisingly easy to create your very own virtual tour, embed it into your own Gametize-powered project, and escape to somewhere wonderful as often as you want. H5P provides a plethora of other great content types that range from memory games and crosswords to advent calendars and audio recorders, so explore what they have to offer and unlock a world of endless possibilities.

2. Google VR

Google VR’s cutting-edge technology unlocks a universe of possibilities, allowing you to create your very own virtual tours. With ease, embed these fun experiences into your Gametize-powered projects using a simple HTTP request, and embark on incredible journeys whenever you please.

3. Kuula

Kuula is a cutting-edge platform that lets you create your very own mind-blowing virtual tours and 360-degree images in a snap. Whether you want to share breathtaking landscapes or show off your favourite places, Kuula’s got your back. So, let your imagination run wild and dive into the fun of visual storytelling with Kuula – it’s a game-changer! You can export each tour in a variety of formats, including JS or HTML embed codes, direct link, MLS link or Embedly link.

In conclusion, leveling up your Gametize experience has never been more thrilling with these fantastic 3rd party solutions. From Augmented Reality wonders with Zapworks and 8th Wall, to brain-teasing HTML5 mini-games from and, and even immersive Virtual Tours with H5P and Kuula, the possibilities are endless. Embrace the excitement of crafting captivating and interactive content without extensive coding knowledge, and seamlessly integrate these web-based solutions into your Gametize-powered projects. So get ready to embark on incredible journeys, create memorable experiences, and take engagement to new heights with these out-of-the-box solutions.

The fun doesn’t stop here – share your own suggestions in the comments below and let’s keep the creativity flowing! Happy gaming and happier exploring!