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Now that you have a better understanding of our platform, here are further explanations on our pricing plans:

Standard Plans

Projects on Standard Plans are accessible via a web/mobile web interface on and the official Gametize App. They usually require minimum customizations and are more cost effective

Enterprise Plans

Projects on Enterprise Plans usually require enterprise-level support such as customized features, single sign-on, and on-premises setup. White-label iPhone/Android app or web can be also procured. 

Please note: Enterprise Plans must be procured should any modifications be made to the Gametize infrastructure or platform.

For more details, please visit:
If you are unsure which plan a project would fall under, please contact for further assistance.



Gametize’s Channel Members Program (CMP) is designed to support organizations that resell Gametize Platform plans. Our Channel Members benefit from various methods, including value-added consulting, marketing, and co-branding initiatives, while receiving fair incentives.


A Channel Member can be any third-party organization, including but not limited to consultancies, training houses, software development studios, marketing agencies, publishers, and content owners.


Gametize is an enterprise-grade gamification platform designed for anyone to use, regardless of their level of technical expertise. It is known for its simplicity and user-friendliness.


Channel Members may be onboarded immediately when both parties sign the mutual NDA.


Contact to learn more.

What exclusive perks can you expect as a Gametize’s Channel Member?

Discounts and Referral Incentives

Access to exclusive updates and resources

Discounted Training and Certification for Gametize Gamification Designer

Opportunity to become a Gametize Channel Partner, unlocking perks such as co-branded applications, marketing publicity and preferential discounts

How to sign up for the Channel Members program?

Easy! You just need to reach out to stating your interest.

The Channel Member Team will evaluate your organization’s profile and eligibility.

If you are a suitable Channel Member, a representative will reach out to you with a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for your sign off.

That's all!


Find out more about Gametize here:

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