Gametize Hub


We have a treasure trove of kits, articles, and assets for you to use to make the most out of Gametize.
Video Guides

Video Guides

If you’re new to Gametize, learn the basics of the platform, and set up your game by consulting our video guides.

White-Label Kit

Our Gametize white-label templates are designed to minimize turnaround time and maximize scalability and testing iterations, while at the same time offering branding possibilities on your app and website.

Brand Kit

Find everything you need to write about us here, including our visual assets.

Gametize Scorecard

Consult our very own Scorecard as a guide to building and implementing a gamification strategy.

Gametize API Documentation

The Gametize API is meant for developers who are keen to create their own client applications making use of the Gametize platform.