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Gametize is your one-stop app to play life.
Gametize Lite (Compatible with devices on Android version 5.0 and above)
Android | Direct Download
Selfiely is the ultimate app that challenges you to take fun selfies.
iOS | Web
Trivia Up!
Answer trivia questions to level up to the top.
Gourmet Grammar
Improve your English with Gourmet Grammar.
Amazing Food Race
Check out all the best food delights in Singapore! Disclaimer: the listings may not have been updated so please check Google Maps before going.
GetSmart English 职场英语
The perfect app to master English for work, for Chinese speakers. 为想学英语的中文使用者准备的完美应用,有趣,互动性强的挑战使您在职场上,旅途中掌握英语。
GetSmart English 职场英语 Lite: iOS 
GetSmart English 职场英语: Android
Welcome to NinjaVille! Join our NinjaVille dojo to learn all about Gametize and become a Gametize Ninja.


An educational app for youths to learn personal finance skills. Have fun learning the essentials of finance stretching from budgeting, insurance to investment!


The Charisma Game
Just For Fun
Want to be more attractive in public and charm the people around you? Unlock your Charisma with this game!
Learning & Development
Learn more about Ransomware. Use this app to upgrade your knowledge on cybersecurity and its significance in today’s society.
Enterprise #50LearningDays
Employee Engagement
Enterprise Space is an exciting learning journey into the depths of space. Travel to different planets everyday to bring back skills and knowledge for the benefit of your homeland.
The Bank Apprentice
Talent Acquisition
Step into the mind of a bank apprentice and give yourself a taste of the financial industry!
FUEL, for Work Life Balance
Employee Engagement
Achieve a better work life balance by having fun with this game!
The Math Game
Learning & Development
How good are you with numbers? Use this game to test your mathematics skill!
Demo: Gaming Accessories
Customer Advocacy
Welcome to the one and only platform used for consumer and electronics advocacy.
Demo: Women Beauty Products
Customer Advocacy
Experience a day in the life of a fabulous woman. (Advocacy for consumers and skincare)
Demo: Mechanic Workshop
Reseller Engagement
Exhibit your knowledge on mechanical products and services. (Reseller Engagement Demo)
Demo: Supplement Product Advocacy
Supplement Engagement
Broaden your understanding towards the significance of Fibre and how it can benefit you!
Demo: SafeSpace
Employee Engagement
Play this game to understand the significance of work place safety in your daily life.
Demo: CollabOn
Employee Engagement
Use this platform to collaborate with your peers, departments or even start your own initiative.
Demo: Digital Transformation
Learning & Development
Welcome to the world of digital transformation!
Demo: The Onboarding Marathon
Employee Engagement
Ready yourself for the first ever onboarding game with a marathon twist!
Just For Fun
Wanna have a glimpse of the best cocktails in the world? Then you can’t miss this game.

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