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White-Label & Customizable Branding

Our Gametize white-label templates are designed to minimize turnaround time and maximize scalability and testing iterations, while at the same time offering branding possibilities on your app and website.

White-Label App

Our white-label app is available for iOS and Android.

White-Label Web

Our white-label web is mobile responsive and available on all browsers.

Our white-label implementations

Trivia Up!
Answer trivia questions to level up to the top.
Amazing Food Race
Check out all the best food delights in Singapore! Disclaimer: the listings may not have been updated so please check Google Maps before going.
Selfiely is the ultimate app that challenges you to take fun selfies.
GetSmart English
The perfect app to master English for work, for Chinese speakers. 为想学英语的中文使用者准备的完美应用,有趣,互动性强的挑战使您在职场上,旅途中掌握英语。
GetSmart English 职场英语 Lite: iOS 
GetSmart English 职场英语: Android
Welcome to NinjaVille! Join our NinjaVille dojo to learn all about Gametize and become a Gametize Ninja.
iOS | AndroidWeb
Gourmet Grammar
Improve your English with Gourmet Grammar.

More white-label resources

If you have more questions that weren’t addressed here, read up on our knowledge base on white-label features here or get in touch with us using the form below.
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