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Gametize Mentorship Program

Undergo a guided mentorship program to learn more about gamification & create your own gamified strategies and content.

Who should join?

If you are a student in secondary-level education (for example, Junior College, or Polytechnic) and have an interest in learning more about gamification and what it’s like working in a startup, you should consider joining our Mentorship Program.


The Gametize Mentorship Program provides many opportunities for the Mentee to learn more about the gamification space. For example, the mentee will be exposed to the fast-paced environment of working in a technology startup and pick up professional skills such as content creation and marketing, copywriting,  conceptualization, and more.
The mentee will receive guidance and training from members of the Gametize Academy Team, who are working professionals with years of experience in gamification design. During the 4-week mentorship, learn how to leverage your creative talents to develop gamified contents and harness the Gametize Platform for your own projects and school-led initiatives.

Featured Works by Past Mentees

Blog Articles
Demo Games
Procrastination Game
Embark on this educational journey to better understand the causes and solutions to procrastination.
Insomnia Tales
Explore the story of Bob, a person also suffering from the agonizing sleeplessness.
Dental Hygiene
Let us talk a look at the significance of proper dental hygiene.
The Destress-inator
Learn how to manage stress well!

Our Past Mentees

Hu Anqi

“I learnt to view the world from the gamification aspect. Instead of taking every task assigned seriously, we can apply gamification in our daily lives.
By changing the non-game context of our tasks into game context, we can influence people’s behaviours and decisions.”

Ivan Lim

“I was tasked with 3 main variables. Namely, an article that pertains to gamification, our own game, as well as a GCD (Gamification Concept Document).
These projects had the same aim and value, which was to expose us to the concepts of gamification through topics that we were interested in. Through these projects, we were able to have a gist of how gamification is applied in real-life.”


Sure! During the 4 weeks, you’ll be assigned at least one main mentor. Your mentor will provide you guidance on the deliverables you’re expected to create during the 4-week program, which includes a variety of contents such as demo games and blog articles. We encourage mentees to set their own schedule according to the milestones outlined, and this includes essential steps that demonstrate critical thinking, analysis, and research, such as researching the latest gamification trends, analyzing problem statements, and coming up with a GCD (Gamification Concept Document) following Gametize’s 5D Framework.

You can also view our slide deck here, which goes into our Mentorship Program in more detail.

The Gametize Mentorship Program will last 4 weeks from the date of commencement. We have flexible starting dates which will be arranged with each individual mentee, due to the fact we welcome only a small intake of mentees at any one time.

Sure! You’re more than welcome to list yourself as a graduate of the Gametize Mentorship Program once you’ve wrapped up your 4 weeks with us.
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