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PRESS RELEASE: Gametize and Universiti Putra Malaysia to Cooperate in Executive Education and Certification Program

Singapore/Malaysia – Gametize and School of Business and Economics (SPE), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to foster a strategic collaboration on matters relating to executive education and training programs that would contribute to the development and enhancement of relations between the two entities.

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Gamification Done Right

Gamification Done Right: Planning Strategy Execution

"Gamification has become a buzzword in many industries, with some companies implementing it simply because it's trendy or because the boss wants it"–Guan. However, successful gamification requires careful consideration and...

Reduce Packaging Waste

Sustainability Series: Captain Parcel

Sustainability Series: Captain Parcel Gametize News & Updates, Learning & Development 1. 6D Playbook Defining the Problem The rapid growth of online shopping has led to a significant environmental issue:...

Customer Engagement and Gamification in Email Marketing

Customer Engagement and Gamification in Email Marketing

Infusing game mechanics and design principles of gamification into non-gaming contexts through email marketing campaigns is proven effective. Learn about the strategies for implementing gamification in email marketing and its...

7 Tips on Marketing Outreach for your Game

You have created your Project and are ready to go live, exciting times! But wait, how are you going to reach out to your players? All of our clients do...

Pre-Onboarding Case Study

Case Study: Pre-Onboarding

A multinational corporation provides wafer processing equipment to leading semiconductor manufacturers. They design, manufacture, sell, and service deposition tools to supply their customers with the advanced technologies to produce semiconductor...

Food Overconsumption

Sustainability Series: Nurture for Nature

Sustainability Series: Nurture for Nature Gametize News & Updates, Learning & Development 1. Introduction In a society on the brink of environmental damage due to collective habits, “Nurture for Nature”...

Sustainability Series ECONSERVATORS

Sustainability Series: ECONSERVATORS

Reflecting on the basis of the purpose of this project, we built our thematics around the idea of sustainability. We decided to stylise our gamified project using a retro pixelated...

Cyber Addiction ADHD

[GUEST POST] ADHD: Puzzle of the Restless Mind

My game is about spreading information about ADHD, also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, starting from simple and basic information, to following a person suffering from the condition in...

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