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SMU-x Gametize Demo Day March 2024: Solving Issues for Aging Population with Gamification and Digital Solutions

//Update: Demo Day was a roaring success! Thank you to everyone involved. Please see the end products and presentation by the teams at

We are excited to share that Gametize will be completing our 3rd collaboration with Singapore Management University (SMU-x Program) after a 12 weeks long “hackathon” to solve problems related to aging population using Gametize’s gamification solution primarily. Previously, we have worked with more than 200 students to promote sustainability and we now feel ready to tackle more close-to-heart issues affecting aging population and their caregivers. While the students are graded as part of the Leadership and Teambuilding Course, they are also encouraged to continue on with the projects, which will be “open-sourced” to any non-profit organizations willing to adopt them.

Our Demo Day will happen on 27th March 2024, 12pm to 3pm, focusing on these 3 topics of Dementia, Mental Wellness, and Victimization of the Elderly. There are a total of 6 teams, with 2 tackling each topic. Each team will present a gamified prototype experience powered by as they explore engaging and educational campaigns addressing dementia, scam awareness, caregiver stress, social isolation, etc. They are also encouraged to be creative in their methods and to integrate other relevant digital solutions, such as ChatGPT. The students are actively mentored by a panel of industry experts; the mentors have volunteered a total of 4-5 hours of their time for the cause. We really appreciate their time, dedication, and their support for this program. Check out our superheroes at featuring Doug, Lovelynne, Caleb, Junus, Thibaut, Arjay, Pratima, Alan, and Nanz. 

About SMU-X LTB and Collaboration with Gametize:
SMU-X LTB is a program at SMU Lee Kong Chian Business School to facilitate the building of Leadership and Team-building skills whilst accomplishing a 12-week long project. Gametize has been an industry partner for 2 runs collaborating with Dr Rani Tan. Previously, the teams have been given the topic of Sustainability where they will design gamified experiences with engaging content to address a particular sustainability challenge – all powered by Gametize’s gamification and community solution.

You may refer to the following articles on past projects:

About Gametize:
Gametize ( is the world’s simplest enterprise-grade gamification platform for community engagement and advocacy. Clients use Gametize to motivate target behaviours for various purposes, such as in employees training/performance management, or consumer marketing/sales advocacy. The highly customizable and versatile solution is available on both cloud and on-premises.

The Briefing Deck for Students can be accessed below:

Students Project can be found here:

//Editor’s note from Keith: A friend recently confided in me of all volunteering activities, she would actively avoid interactions with senior citizens the most; she is more interested in animals, children, and beach cleaning, though she can speak more than two dialects (what a rarity in Singapore today). She is not alone, and I have assured her she just need to try for the first time because the experience can be so fulfilling when you see the beneficiaries smile. This is an example of how advocacy can be impactful. Just imagine a digital, scalable approach that makes this experience of persuasive more motivating and fun.