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SMU-X LTB 2024: Gametize Hackathon

In January 2024, we returned to Keith’s alma mater, Singapore Management University (SMU), for the SMU-X LTB module. Running from January to March 2024, we presented students with the topic of aging population, mainly the issues below:

  • Dementia (e.g. loss of cognitive functioning, etc.)
  • Mental Wellness (e.g. combating social isolation, stress on caregiver, etc.)
  • Victimization of the Elderly (e.g. scams, threat of violence, etc.)

They were tasked to provide solutions to real-world aging population issues through the use of digital gamification. We harnessed their creativity to develop a gamified experience using, pushing them to surpass the confines of a typical academic submission. Download or visit Gametize below to take a look at their projects!


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Student's Projects

Mental Wellness

Team 5 - Through The Decades
Team 3 - Happy Brain


Team 4 - The Caregiving Journey
Team 6 - Coffeemaster Quest


Team 1 - SimplyGone
Team 2 - SCAMMEE

Submission Folders