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Channel Partner Program

Become a Gametize Channel Partner for value-adding, reselling and co-branding opportunities.

Who's a good fit?

If you work in consultancy, or are a training house, software development studio, marketing agency, publisher, or content owner, you’re a good fit to become one of our Channel Partners.

What's in it for you?

Tier-based incentives

We’ll provide dedicated services such as customizations and consulting to achieve your goals. The more you accomplish with us, the more benefits you’ll receive.

Access to premium content

Be the first to gain access to our exclusive resources and features, including white-labelled content, workshops, and education that will help increase your outreach.

Be part of our community

You’ll become a part of an innovative community that transforms the way we work and play. Learn from each other, share insights, and grow with us.

Complimentary training

You’ll receive complimentary training from our team to learn to use the Gametize Platform to build your gamification strategies.

Our Channel Partners

More about the Channel Partner Program

If you’ve already gotten in touch with us about becoming a Channel Partner and want to dive deeper into the perks of the CP Program… (This page is password-protected, so ask your friendly Gametize representative for the password!

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