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The Gametize Gamification Certification Program

Gametize’s Certification Programs are developed and curated by our in-house team to help you develop your gamification strategy, hack our platform, and create a great game experience for your audience. What sets our certification apart from the rest is the practical hands-on experience using Gametize’s 6D Playbook and the platform training you will receive, culminating in a standardized and rigorous assessment. We are committed to building a robust community of practitioners and experts in gamification. Sign up for the Gametize Gamification Designer: Professional Certification now! Next run: 24th, 27th, 28th March 2023

How it works...

Whether you’re just getting started or are an expert in gamification, embark on your learning journey and be professionally certified through our programs.
Foundation Program
A foundation module to gamification: learn about what gamification is, essential motivational and design principles, and begin crafting your gamification strategy with our Gametize 6D Playbook. This introductory module is built entirely on Gametize’s platform and totally asynchronous – so, do it at your own time and pace.
Pricing: USD$200.00
Gametize Gamification Designer: Professional Certification
The Professional Certification is a specially curated module – through 12 engaging learning hours – that will give every candidate an immersive hands-on experience to develop their gamification strategy while exploring their own creative journey in gamification design. This program will be conducted with live facilitation in classroom and/or on an online platform.
Gametize Gamification Designer: Master Certification

For those who want to take their gamification strategy to a whole new level. Apply all you’ve learned in the previous Masterclasses to create a super-powered game that encompasses all that the Gametize platform has to offer.

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