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The Gametize Gamification Certification Program

Gametize’s Certification Programs are developed and curated by our in-house team to help you develop your gamification strategy, hack our platform, and create a great game experience for your audience.

What sets our certification apart from the rest is the practical hands-on experience using Gametize’s 6D Playbook and the platform training you will receive, culminating in a standardized and rigorous assessment. We are committed to building a robust community of practitioners and experts in gamification.

Note: Registration for July 2023 Run has ended.

Join us for the upcoming Gametize Gamification Designer: Professional Certification run on 23rd, 26th February 2024!

About our Certification

Gametize has developed a comprehensive certification program that features scalability, progression and immersive learning. The Gametize suite of certifications is a complete accreditation journey that facilitates learning to build competence to develop, design and execute gamification strategies – and it doesn’t matter if you come with experience or are completely new to gamification.

The rigour in our certification resides in the practical, workable and successful Gametize 6D Playbooktm, which is created and adopted by Gametize in delivering real projects for our clients, and will be shared with the learner in its entirety, so that anyone can be as good as what our platform promises.

Access to our Community of Experts

Another key benefit of the Gametize certification is the access to our community of practitioners and experts. These are professionals who have been on top of their game in the corporate, public and academic fields. They are the power-users and game-changers where the application of gamification is concerned. As a member of this exclusive community of certified practitioners, you have access to events, activities and programs that feature these thought leaders.

As a candidate in our certification program, you may also have the opportunity to listen to case study presentations by these industry experts, as well as be mentored by them while working on your project submission.

The Certification Journey

Putting the Fun in Learning

Our commitment is first and foremost, to learning and application. To understand gamification and to strategically employ it to non-game settings, in a myriad of situations and environments. We employ the principle of learn, reflect, do. We celebrate innovation, creativity and the ability to think critically in our programs.

The certification journey begins with an asynchronous foundation program to support the learning of essential concepts. The next phase, the Professional level, is where we instill the practice of sound planning, strategic thinking and a hands-on “play” with the Gametize platform. The final phase where a successful candidate attains the Master Gamification Designer accreditation focuses on honing the strategic planning, reviewing and assessing one’s own work critically and sustaining a campaign in the real world context.

Foundation Program
A foundation module to gamification: learn about what gamification is, essential motivational and design principles, and begin crafting your gamification strategy with our Gametize 6D Playbook. This introductory module is built entirely on Gametize’s platform and totally asynchronous – so, do it at your own time and pace.
Pricing: USD$200.00
Gametize Gamification Designer: Professional Certification
The Professional Certification is a specially curated module – through 12 engaging learning hours – that will give every candidate an immersive hands-on experience to develop their gamification strategy while exploring their own creative journey in gamification design. This program will be conducted with live facilitation in classroom and/or on an online platform.
Gametize Gamification Designer: Master Certification

For those who want to take their gamification strategy to a whole new level. Apply all you’ve learned in the previous Masterclasses to create a super-powered game that encompasses all that the Gametize platform has to offer.

A Word from our Participant…

I recently completed Gametize Professional Gamification Designer Certification, and it was a great learning experience. The content was comprehensive and covered multiple topics, making it applicable to various industries. The assessment challenged me to think critically and apply my knowledge in real-world scenarios.
The lessons I learned have been invaluable in my role and helped me create innovative solutions for my organization.
I recommend the Gametize certification to anyone looking to enhance professional development and gain a competitive edge in the industry. The investment in time and effort is well worth it, as the rewards are tangible and long-lasting.

Executive Officer (Public Relations)
UPM School of Business and Economics

Certification Pricing Guide

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Our Track Record

Professionals from the learning, higher education, luxury/retail, aviation, banking & finance, technology and FMCG industries have successfully completed up to the Professional level of certification at this point.

[Projects created by candidates for their Assessment Submission – screenshots and/or links]

About our Program Facilitators


Keith Ng (@keizng) co-founded Gametize (with his best friend Damon Widjaja, and later Brenda Nicole Tan), a gamification platform to motivate behaviors through challenges and rewards such as in recruitment, learning & development, marketing and community advocacy. Gametize won funding in a reality TV show (Angel’s gate), the People’s Vote in IBM’s Asean Smartcamp 2013, and SBR’s 2015 20 hottest startups in Singapore. Today, the platform is powering fun for more than 300,000 users totalling over 15 million challenge completions.

Keith was nominated as one of the most influential people in gamification globally by Gamification Summit (2014), as well as the top 100 gamification innovator/consultant by Sparkah. He designed Gametize’s gamification frameworks, and speaks on gamification globally, including Gamification Summit in San Francisco, HR Congress in Manila, and Loyalty Summit, in Mumbai. His interests are in using game thinking and positive psychology to solve engagement problems, and designing extremely simple user experience for people to get hooked. Motivation frameworks intrigue him as much as learning about artificial intelligence and scaling methodologies

Prior to co-founding Gametize, Keith coded/sold a MLM software at 18 before his military drafting. He then completed his BBM (Finance) and BSc (Information System) on a DFS Scholarship in Singapore Management University, ending his final semester on exchange in Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium studying arts and the Flemish language. His “Richard Bartle’s Player Type” would be Explorer and Achiever; he lives for his Tuesday evening futsal games, plays Counter-Strike and the Rubik’s cube sometimes (which he struggles immensely with). He is also passionate about craft beer and you might catch him beertending and washing glasses at a beer shop once a week in Chinatown Food Complex.


Guan spent the first ten years of his professional career in the MICE industry managing a host of proprietary exhibitions and conferences. Starting out selling booth spaces, sponsorships and advertising, Guan worked his way into project management and subsequently, several senior management positions. One thing that came out of the early years in exhibition sales was developing that thick skin to smile at the face of rejection. Well, sometimes it was more like trying not to lose sleep over a lost sale.

From late 2005 until 2015, Guan worked for a New York-based trade association, representing the global retail real estate business with over 110,000 members around the world, as its Managing Director for the Asia-Pacific region. Guan was responsible for opening up an office in Beijing to support the China market – the first time the organisation has had physical presence in the PRC – and staffed the office with a full-time team. All this was accomplished in a little over 7 months.

In 2017, Guan transitioned into adult education, which meant going back to school and learning (well, sometimes re-learning) skills… skills he thought he had. It was a humbling experience going through certification after certification, in order to really learn the basics of helping people develop and grow. It took hundreds of classroom hours (and two different coaching certifications) to learn how to ask questions; and hundreds more to get better at it. 


Kingsley has been serving the IT industry for nearly eight years, where he has gained extensive experience in training and client management. He started his career as a retail training executive in one of the giant tech companies, Samsung (SME), one of Gametize’s clients. As the person in-charge of this project, he worked closely with Gametize to develop an online learning platform – Samsung Blue Academy (SBA) to engage sales training for retail executives. In fact, SBA is one of the Gametize’s most successful use cases with over a whopping 4 million challenge completions.

Kingsley was then promoted to Master Trainer in early 2018. His main duty is to oversee the development and operations of field trainers and retail executives. He was also the project training manager of Samsung flagship products, ensuring the training is well executed across Malaysia. A growth mindset has always been what he pursued especially in learning and development. He believed that gamified learning is one of the keys in developing a growth mindset.

“By making the learning tasks enjoyable and incentivising them with positive results, Gamified Learning maintains learners’ interest and increases their engagement”. The implementation of gamification in training showed significant results and Kingsley was awarded the 2018 2H Global Master Trainer in Samsung HQ, South Korea.

In mid 2019, Kingsley focused on client management and it was a modest learning experience in managing and building a solid relationship with clients. What he found most valuable was in communicating with different people from daily client visits, to resolving issues and complaints, as well as providing sales training to the clients. He was soon back in the smartphone industry after a call from a former supervisor to assist in setting up a solid training framework and team. All of these were accomplished within two years.

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