Gametize Academy


SBA sales reps improve their numbers with a training game from Gametize




Completions on Challenges




Powered by the Gametize platform, the SBA game was designed as a sales training for retail executives in Malaysia. During its lifetime from 2014 to 2018, SBA was continuously active with over 4,000 players and 4 million challenge completions.

The Challenge

SBA Malaysia engaged Gametize in June 2014 as a solution to engage sales training for both employees, such as retail executives, and non-employees (such as handphone shops sales assistants, resellers, etc.) to improve their product knowledge and customer service. SBA needed 4 tailored messages, each for a different group of users, such as floor salesmen units and field force units.

The Solution: SBA

Working together with Gametize on content strategy and visual assets, SBA was devised as an Academy in which players could compete and participate in challenges covering a broad range of topics, from general company knowledge to more in-depth product information. Once Gametize established a strong theme and brand narrative, full control was handed over to the client to independently manage and develop their game.
Retail executives could learn about new products and sales techniques, the Gametize way! Challenges went beyond standard knowledge checks – for example, there were photo challenges in which players could upload photos of themselves and their teammates to foster a sense of culture and bonding.

Verdict: Gametized!

Usage & Engagement

With over a whopping 4 million challenge completions, SBA is one of Gametize’s most successful use cases!
After going through the game, sales representatives reported an overall improvement in their sales numbers. In fact, sales reps with a significant improvement in their sales numbers on average completed an average of 1600+ challenges more than those who reported a decline in their sales numbers.