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How We Gamified Our Internship Application Process

Sarah Ong
Business Development Mentee
Let’s face it – whether you’re applying for internships or recruiting interns for your company, the process can be tedious, boring or downright inefficient.
Presenting Gametize’s very own Internship Challenge!
Like any internship application, our internship program gives interns-to-be the opportunity to market their skills and knowledge, seeking a right match with Gametize. With Gametize’s Internship Challenge created on our native game platform, you’re given much more freedom to express yourself and have a chance to showcase your personality!
In fact, let’s have a simple walk through and you can experience it for yourself here:

Step 1: Choose Your Mission

Do you want to be a Tech Ninja, supporting the Gametize web and mobile platforms behind the scenes? Or do you want to be a Business Development Ninja, constantly finding ways to engage players and increase Gametize’s brand and product outreach? Or, if you’ve got creative juices flowing in your body, the Design Ninja role might be perfect for you to help design graphics and wireframes to make the Gametize experience fresh, fun, and bold.
The Internship Challenge includes each of these roles as separate quests for clarity’s sake, but you can apply to both if you’re game for it! If you’re not sure exactly what these roles entail and whether or not you meet the requirements, all you have to do is take a look at the Mission Brief at the start of each quest.
Internship Challenge – Topics
The Internship Challenge was created using Gametize's intuitive native platform. Getting to know you is just as important as you getting to know us!

Step 2: Why Gametize?

We would love for you to join us as a Gametize Ninja, but first we need to ask: Why do you want to intern at Gametize and what do you hope to learn from this internship program?
We take our internships very seriously and will not hesitate to give these limited places to those who want it most. And of course, we expect you to familiarize yourself with what we do at Gametize too (don’t worry, we’ve provided handy links you can refer to). Do your research!

Step 3: Who Are You?

What are your areas of expertise? What are 3 words your friends use to describe you? Which 3 items would you want to have if you were trapped on a deserted island?
It may sound simple enough, but we’re dying to know who you are! Knowledge and skills are important, but we want to make sure you’re a good fit for our company culture too. Also, feel free to demonstrate your creativity – prove that you’re people-oriented by attaching a photo of you and your circle of friends, or show us your design skills by linking to your online portfolio.
Feel free to attach images to your answers – After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.
With all 11 challenges completed, we might just contact you to arrange for an interview to get to know you even better face-to-face. And if it all works out…

Step 4: Welcome to the Family!

If you’ve made it to Step 4, that means you’ve passed the Internship Challenge with flying colors, in which case – welcome onboard. We’re glad to have you here!

How to Play the Internship Challenge

If you’re ready to give our internship program a try, The Gametize Internship Challenge can be done anytime, anywhere, on both web and via our mobile apps (iOSAndroid) – just enter the game code internchallenge. Give it your best shot – you could be our next intern!
This post was originally contributed by Sarah Ong, Business Development Mentee @ Gametize
Sarah was offered a mentorship summer 2014 at Gametize under the IDA ELITe Programme. While her special talent is her fluency in the Japanese language, she also dabbles in a bit of design and of course, video games. Recent projects she has contributed to include the Amazing Food Race and Selfiely.
Originally on 7 Aug, 2014
Updated on 17 Aug, 2020

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