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[DEMO] Gametize Demos for your inspiration: Trivia Up & Amazing Food Race

We’ve recently launched two showcase apps to show you the very best that Gametize has to offer with our white-label apps: Trivia Up and Amazing Food Race. What we love about these two showcases is we’re using our own platform for use cases that are more fun in nature – hit these up with your friends and challenge them to a trivia stand-off or food race!

Trivia Up

Trivia Up is a Gametize white-label app that challenges players on their trivia knowledge. With Trivia Up, players can answer quizzes, compete with other trivia maestros and earn points and badges. Show off your trivia mastery in different subjects, from astronomy to science to pop culture!

Play Trivia Up on:

Amazing Food Race

Calling all foodies to compete in the hungriest race ever in Singapore to try out standout dishes per restaurant! With the Amazing Food Race app, snap photos and earn points to become the ultimate food explorer. Stay Hungry, Stay Foodish, Racers!
Disclaimer: the listings may not have been updated so please check Google Maps before going.

Play Amazing Food Race on:

P.S. If you want to contribute your own trivia questions or food suggestions to the apps, get in touch with us at

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