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The first of our two-tiered Certification Program is now ready for enrollment.

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Gametize Certification: Foundation Module

An introductory course to gamification: learn about what gamification is, essential motivational and design principles, and begin crafting your gamification strategy with Gametize’s 6D Playbook.


No prerequisites are required to enrol in this Module.


This Introductory Module comes at a fee of US$200.00. To enrol, click register and immediately start learning. Register now and enjoy one month free trial of our Gametize Light Plan.


  • Topic 1: Introduction to Gamification (30 minutes)

    Learn what gamification, how gamification can be used, and study some examples of gamification.

  • Topic 2: Motivation & Gamification Design Principles (15 minutes)

    Learn about how gamification ties into motivation, and some gamification and motivation frameworks.

  • Topic 3: Case Study and Introduction into the Gametize 6D Playbook (30 minutes)

    Learn about Gametize's 6D Playbook, which we use to design gamification strategies and campaigns, and build your strategy using this framework.


Gametize Certification
When you’re done with the Introductory Module, you’re one step closer to becoming a Certified Professional Gamification Designer. Find out more about the certification process, and the benefits your certificate will offer you.

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