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Gametize Gamification Designer:
Professional Certification

Who's a good fit?

If you are a:

  • Human Capital Management
  • Talent Development
  • Learning and Development
  • Training and Education
  • Marketing

  • Consumer Studies
  • Community Outreach
  • Public Service/Policy
  • Research and Development
  • Product and Project Management

This program will be great for you! Additionally, if you have any interest or experience in project management and gamification, this program would be a great way to kickstart your journey towards professional gamification. Because, if you haven’t started gamifying what you do, you don’t know what you’re missing.


The Professional Gamification Designer Program is a specially curated module (approximately 12 hours of learning and consultation) that will give every candidate an immersive hands-on experience to develop their gamification strategy while exploring their own creative journey in gamification design. We define gamification as “(the) use of game design and game psychology in non-game settings to engage and motivate a target audience towards target behaviours”. It is a process, and not an end point.

In short, we want to inject fun into everyday tasks in order to create stronger engagement, drive interests and deliver better outcomes. What you get is a deep understanding of what motivates behaviour and what drives great engagement. We will help you build your story, create the structure and develop a game you can be proud of. All this, while having fun hacking our platform.

This is not one of those pay-to-play “certification” programs. We are going to expect candidates to put in the hours and the creative thinking behind their submissions. But that’s expected only because you would have already experienced the rigour of learning with us. Bottom line is, when you’re successfully done with this program, you will be able to create a great game experience for your audience, like a pro.

What's in it for you

Be officially certified with Gametize

  • Accorded the designation of Certified Gametize Professional Gamification Designer
  • Engage and continue your learning with our community of experts

Learn how to buff up your strategies

• Apply principles of motivation to your gamification experience to increase engagement and sustain interest
• Apply game elements, game mechanics and thinking to non-game settings

Construct and craft with great results

• Create and present a comprehensive strategy using the Gamification Concept Document
• Design, create, administer a game/project using the Gametize platform

Effectively diagnose your game

• Conduct an objective review of your own creation using the Gametize Checklist and Scorecard to deliver a better user experience
• Make “making it fun” a part of what you do at work

Program at a Glance

The learning strategy hinges on the principles of Learn, Practice and Reflect, where we anchor every learning with an activity. And we always encourage questioning through critical and reflective thinking, peer discussions and open sharing.
What we will cover in the module:

• Motivation Frameworks and Theories
• Planning and Research
• The (Gametize) 6D Playbook for gamification design

– Define the Problem
– Determine the Goals
– Decide Target Emotions and Behaviours
– Describe Audience Profile
– Design Your Gamification Strategy
– Diagnose and Analyse the Experience

• Specifically with the Design portion

– Creating a Story
– Creating Plotlines
– Implementing Structure
– UI/UX and Visuals
– Introducing Interactive and Interesting Content
– Feedback and Rewards
– Making it Social

• Platform Training
• User Case Studies
• Guest Presenters/Speakers

Assessment Criteria

Method of Assessment:
A. Submission of the Gamification Concept Document
B. Submission of a Demo game/project using the Gametize platform

• Submissions will be assessed/graded by minimum of two assessors
• Mentors will be assigned to offer one consultative session to help you improve on your concept document before submission
• Assessors may come from within Gametize and/or from amongst industry experts

Eligibility Criteria

A. Education – Must possess functional levels of literacy, numeracy and communication skills; defined as but not limited to: able to read, write, follow instructions, demonstrate logical thinking, contribute to discussions and basic math and statistical analysis – No minimum educational qualification is required B. Work Experience – Encouraged, but not compulsory, to have at least 1 year of cumulative work experience, either full-time and/or in an internship programme to have better appreciation for the subject – Fresh graduates/undergraduates/tertiary level students are also encouraged to apply if you have interest in or are/were in a programme involved in or related to gamification C. Administrative Requirements – All candidates must register and pay in full all fees before commencement of the certification programme – Upon receipt of a valid registration and fee payment, a confirmation will be sent to the successful applicant D. Course Requirement – All candidates must have completed the Gamification Introductory Module (asynchronous) before attending the Professional Gamification Designer (certification) programme – To be eligible for the Professional Gamification Designer assessment for the certification, all candidates must have completed the learning/programme module (approx. 12 learning hours) – Both of the above requirements are mandatory unless a written exemption is given by certifying body (Gametize Pte. Ltd).

Our Program Facilitators

Keith Ng (@keizng) co-founded Gametize (with his best friend Damon Widjaja, and later Brenda Nicole Tan), a gamification platform to motivate behaviors through challenges and rewards such as in recruitment, learning & development, marketing and  community advocacy. Gametize won funding in a reality TV show (Angel’s gate), the People’s Vote in IBM’s Asean Smartcamp 2013, and SBR’s 2015 20 hottest startups in Singapore. Today, the platform is powering fun for more than 300,000 users totalling over 15 million challenge completions.

Keith was nominated as one of the most influential people in gamification globally by Gamification Summit (2014), as well as the top 100 gamification innovator/consultant by Sparkah. He designed Gametize’s gamification frameworks, and speaks on gamification globally, including Gamification Summit in San Francisco, HR Congress in Manila, and Loyalty Summit, in Mumbai. His interests are in using game thinking and positive psychology to solve engagement problems, and designing extremely simple user experience for people to get hooked. Motivation frameworks intrigue him as much as learning about artificial intelligence and scaling methodologies

Prior to co-founding Gametize, Keith coded/sold a MLM software at 18 before his military drafting. He then completed his BBM (Finance) and BSc (Information System) on a DFS Scholarship in Singapore Management University, ending his final semester on exchange in Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium studying arts and the Flemish language. His “Richard Bartle’s Player Type” would be Explorer and Achiever; he lives for his Tuesday evening futsal games, plays Counter-Strike and the Rubik’s cube sometimes (which he struggles immensely with). He is also passionate about craft beer and you might catch him beertending and washing glasses at a beer shop once a week in Chinatown Food Complex.

Hear from Industry Experts… Learn from the Best!

Your incredible journey into gamification begins here, with us, and with the support of our community of experts. By getting yourself certified with Gametize Academy, you will not only benefit from the use of all our tools, our planning methodology, our platform and our in-house technical experts, you will also have access to our community of experts through our Gametize Expert Series program. At every scheduled course, Gametize will work with some of these experts to provide guidance, mentoring and even present case studies.

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