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Gametize is an extremely lean and mean company operating out of sunny Singapore, but we have a network of Channel Partners globally with different specialties and expertise that complement well with Gametize Platform.
If you would like to join our growing directory of authorised Gametize Channel Partners that can value-add to the Gametize Platform, feel free to reach out to

Talent Intelligence


Talent Intelligence focuses on competency training and consulting services to drive high performance and productivity of individuals and organisations by leveraging on the latest technologies such as incorporating big data and gamification.

DO IT Internacional

Mexico, Latin America, Spain

Somos una empresa de capacitación especializada en desarrollar las 3 meta-competencias esenciales para lograr efectividad sin desgaste.

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Julian Jordan

Focus U


At FocusU we think learning needs to create a measurable business impact. Which is why, 700+ companies trust our learning interventions that are thoughtfully designed, passionately delivered and are much more than just a workshop.

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Deepa Prusty

Right Impact


Right Impact believes in designing and delivering quality HR development programmes and solutions to organisations around the world.

People Psyence

Malaysia, Singapore, India

The establishment of People Psyence® rose from our intrigue for ‘people watching’ and understanding what makes them tick. Our fascination for the study of humans and their behaviours is our driving force to being the best organisation doctors in town.

Think Codex


Think Codex is a multiple award-winning Gamification Organization that focuses on Behavioural Change based on both the 3C (Cognitive, Competency, Confidence) Model & Gamification Application of the 3C Model.


Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Thailand

eLearningMinds is a group with strategic partnerships from different countries experienced in providing eLearning content solutions for organisations in the private and public sectors.

finalix Business Consulting

Switzerland, Singapore

finalix drives change projects with a focus on the financial industry. Through gamification, we aim to empower our clients to create engaging experiences, boost employee performance, and drive business growth. 

Gamification Nation

United Kingdom, Europe

The company was founded in July 2012. We believe that play is inherent to getting the best out of your people, that’s why we lead the way in creating engaging game-like experiences for employees.

Recur Consult

Malaysia, United States, Global
Recur Consult is a behavioural design and gamification consultancy that specialises in creating impactful virtual experiences and driving desired behaviours through design and engagement.

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Sufiz Mohd Suffian

Talent Solution Consultant


Established in 2011 by a group of experienced HR professionals from various industries, Talent Solution Consultant is a Bangkok and Stockholm based HR Consulting business by developing innovative and customised human resources solutions.

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Praveenuj Visvaporabutr

Adaptive AI Ventures

Singapore, Global

At Adaptive AI Ventures, our Innovation Challenges are laser-focused on the practical application of knowledge following training events. We tackle the substantial questions that arise: ‘Did the training effectively transform the behavior of an individual as intended?’ and ‘What measurable impact did the training have on our business?’ We’re committed to helping individuals harness the power of post education application of knowledge to drive innovation and address specific business needs.


Singapore, Global

Synpulse is an established, globally active management consulting company and trusted partner to financial services providers, solving your biggest challenges and helping your business evolve to capture the potential of the new economy.



Write Up

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Write Up

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Channel Partner Apps

LosDesafios By DO IT

72% of what you learn in a course may be forgotten in two days. Through you will be able to do interesting and fun challenges so that your brain can retain more information!

iOS | Android

Ripple By Right Impact

Ripple, an interactive mobile platform for employee engagement, new hire onboarding, learning & development, and other human capital development solutions!

Joyflar By Focus U

This is FocusU’s gamified and interactive learning platform. This is a one-stop connection platform where you can maximize your potential. Our challenges are specially curated to help you gain skills and knowledge to Be More. Embark on this exciting journey with us now!

finalix Experience

When experience meets expertise, we turn ideas into reality. Join the finalix Experience — a gamified platform for learning, communication, event facilitation, and more. Challenge yourself, refine your skills, earn exclusive rewards, and grow your connections with us!

iOS | Android | Web

iOS | Android

iOS | Android

iOS | Android

Gamify with Synpulse

This is Synpulse’s first gamified learning platform, and we aim to provide fun interactive games and activities. Our challenges are specially curated to help you gain skills and knowledge valued at your organisation. Get ready to maximize your learning experience with us!

iOS | Android