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Sustainability Series 1: Gametize X SMU-X LTB Collaboration Jan 2023

In December 2022, we received exciting news that we will be partnering with Singapore Management University (SMU) as an industry partner for the SMU-X LTB module. Running from January to March 2023, this partnership presented a unique opportunity for us to collaborate with SMU and support the development of problem-solving skills, leadership and team-building competencies.
We presented students with the topic of sustainability, and they were tasked to provide solutions to real-world sustainability issues through the use of digital gamification. We tapped on their creativity to produce a gamified experience powered by, and challenged them to go beyond the boundaries of an academic submission (i.e. what else would you have done if you were to partner with Gametize to deliver this to a real client).

During the presentations of the various groups in Week 12, we were thoroughly impressed with the outcome. The students had put in a great deal of effort, which was evident in the quality of their work. It was truly commendable to see the level of dedication and commitment they had shown towards their projects. Congratulations to all 18 participating teams… Respect!

Of course, a special thanks to Professor Rani Tan and the Teaching Assistants; Cavan Neoh, Dania Tan and Lamont Lan.

Download the Gametize App or click on the button below to check out the students projects:

Class G3

Welcome to Starbucks!
This project aims to engage employees in becoming sustainability advocates. Meet Starbie, who will be your companion on your journey to save the Earth!
#plasticwaste, #recycling
Want to know more about EVs and why you should opt for EVs over petrol vehicles? Play this game to find out more and how to drive sustainably!
#greenhousegas, #airpollutants
Be the change you want to see in the world by taking the first step toward sustainability by making sustainable fashion practices fun in this game.
#eco-fashion, #carbonfootprint
ESGcape - Hiring
Learn basic knowledge about ESG through this quiz and be evaluated based on your performance where after you will advance to the next phase.
#ESG, #HiringProcess
ESGcape - Onboarding
Creating a seamless hiring process for companies looking for ESG talent, and providing a fun yet suitable onboarding process.

#ESG, #OnboardingProcess

The Lodge Retreat
The hotel has one goal and that is to reach the national green target set by the hospitality industry. Start the adventure and help the hotel achieve its goals!
#hospitality, #environmentalimpact
Green World
Instill green behavior and boost understanding of sustainability strategy in employees to better further their voices in being more sustainable.

Class G4

Green Foodprints - Biodegradables
Let’s have some fun while saving the planet! Our goal is to convert plastic into biodegradable tableware, one step at a time. Join us on this mission to make a positive impact on the earth.
#biodegradables, #plasticwaste
Green Foodprints - Reusables
With these monthly challenges, you and your company will be tasked with converting your disposables/biodegradable tableware into reusable tableware. Don’t forget our bonus quizzes that pop up every month too!
#biodegradables, #plasticwaste
Un-Pack a Greener Future! We aim to cultivate a culture of sustainability within companies where employees frequently patronize to have takeaway mealsby encouraging them to engage in eco-friendly habits.
#plasticwaste, #recycling
Join FuFu our friendly neighbourhood tofu to kickstart your Plant Based Alternative journey! Through plantBASED, improve employee wellbeings and lifestyles, resulting in improved employee’s productivity.
#meatconsumption, #plant-based
The Adventure of GreenPaws
As a player, your mission is to complete various challenges that will help you reduce paper waste and earn points. Can you save the forest of Sustainia from destruction? Join the battle and find out!
Tree Huggers
Join us in reducing plastic waste! Our game aims to promote sustainable practices, increase awareness of responsible plastic usage in offices, and instill sustainable habits.
Sustainable Tourism
Instill a habit of eco-friendliness while raising awareness of Singapore’s movement towards sustainable tourism, one day at a time!
#foodwaste, #plasticwaste, #environment, #cleanenergy, #foodsecurity

Class G5

Eco-Warriors: The Battle for a Greener Future
We aim to achieve a greener future by addressing corporate employees’ inefficient use of material resources by adopting environmentally-conscious behaviors by participating in interactive and social eco-quests.
#greencommutting, #reducingwaste, #energyefficiency
Let’s contribute to a zero-waste future together! SustanY is a platform offering its employees a sustainable workspace culture by engaging in a combined effort of reducing, reusing and recycling consumables.
#powerconsumption, #zerowaste, #recycling, #upcycling, #trade
The Last Turtle
Join Wes on his Journey to implant sustainable change, advance organisational brands towards their sustainability goals, and the cultivation of good sustainability habits that are easy to maintain for employees.
#carbonfootprint, #energyconsumption, #recycling
Singapore Sinking
A Gamified Experience About Climate Change. Embark on your journey to stop Singapore from sinking! Tackling climate change on the individual level by raising awareness on existing initiatives implemented and introducing actionable steps for each person to fight climate change through an interactive gamified experience.
#climatechange, #foodwaste, #recycling, #carbonemission
Save our Island Semakau!
Our Semakau Island is Singapore’s only offshore landfill and is rapidly filling up with waste. This 30-day campaign aims to raise awareness for this worsening food waste issue and equip your employees with valuable knowledge on food waste reduction and create advocates for it, to sustainably increase recycling efforts and reduce food wastage.

Sustainability Hero: The Office Edition
Through the 21 days of challenges, we aim to inculcate lifelong sustainable practices through an interactive game and fortify corporate efforts to prevent environmental degradation by achieving an understanding of the importance of sustainability, raising awareness on office waste, and players to adopt 80% of the sustainable habits and 30% reduction in electricity consumption.
#plasticwaste, #electricityconsumption, #3Rs

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