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Gametize Q1 Feature Update:
New Features to Level Up Your Gamification Experience!

Hey, Gametize enthusiasts! We have brought in some exciting new features that are going to take your gamification experience to the next level. From Rewards to Challenges, and Player Visuals to Website Integrations, there’s something for everyone. So, let’s dive right into the latest updates!  🌟🚀  

1. Rewards System

Let’s kick things off with our enhanced Rewards System, now armed with an arsenal of incredible upgrades. 

a. Pre/Post Redemption Message

Admins, get ready to craft personalized messages for Rewards in the Reward store when Players redeem the Reward and when they collect the Reward.

For example, when Players redeem their hard-earned Reward, they’ll be greeted with a notification like, “Bazinga! You just scored yourself a Starbucks voucher code! Head over to the Redeemed Rewards page to claim your prize!” 🌟✨ And that’s not all, folks! After the Reward has been collected, Players will be treated to a victory message like, “Congratulations, superstar! Your Starbucks voucher code awaits. Grab a coffee and enjoy the perks! ☕😎”

b. Voucher Code Redemption

Admins can now effortlessly create voucher code-based rewards that players can redeem for goodies. All admins need to do is upload a file in .xls format, packed with those precious voucher codes, into our rewards system. It’s as simple as a snap of your fingers!

Now, players can redeem exclusive rewards and enjoy them easily with the help of these unique voucher codes. 😍😍 Admins can also keep track of reward usage and manage them efficiently.

c. Multiple Choice (Rewards Variation)

Now, when you’re on the quest to claim your well-deserved rewards, you’re no longer limited to a single option. Oh no, we’re taking it up a notch! 

Picture this: you’ve earned a sweet t-shirt reward. But hold up, there’s more! You get to choose your preferred size, color, or type. It’s all about personalization and making sure you rock that reward with absolute style and flair. 😎👕💥

2. Content Types: Minigames

Introducing the Gametize’s newest challenge type: Minigames! Say hello to the Hangman and Reorder the Objects, the first two incredible additions in our expanding collection of minigames marvels! 🤩🕹️

a. Hangman

Step into the world of letters and words, my friends! 🖊️✨ Test your linguistic prowess by selecting the right letters to complete the secret word. But be careful, losing a “life” (represented by hearts) will cost you precious points!

Can you rise to the challenge and conquer Hangman? Put your skills to the test on the button below:

b. Reorder The Objects

Prepare to unleash your inner puzzle master with: Reorder the Objects!🤯🕹️ Players must use their wits to drag and drop the given options into the correct order and score big points in the process.

Click on the button below to experience it yourself! 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, my friends! We have an entire vault of awe-inspiring minigames that are itching to make their grand entrance. So stay tuned for more minigames from Gametize! 🎮

3. Microsoft SSO Integration

Now, players can conveniently log in to the game using their Microsoft account. 🙌 This means more options for registration and login, especially for those who don’t have a Facebook or Google account.

And that’s not all! These newly launched features are just the beginning. Gametize has exciting plans in store for the future, including a major feature: Project Forums. 🗣️ Soon, you’ll be able to host discussion boards with fellow players and admins, ask questions, share insights, and create new ideas – all with a Gametize twist! So, stay tuned and stay Gametized, because the fun and adventure is far from over.

Note: All the features mentioned in this article are available on Gametize Web and the Gametize 2.0 App. Admins are recommended to login into to try out these features. Please feel free to reach out to the support team at if you have any questions regarding the features.