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[GUEST POST] A Journey Through Space

Cayan Koh
Cayan Koh
TJC Student


A journey through space is the first game I have created using the Gametize platform. It is a short game about learning more about outer space through various scenarios, sprinkled with a little bit of fantasy fiction. Although there are improvements to be done, I feel that it is a good first attempt for doing something I am not very familiar with.

Ideation Phase

I was tasked to come up with a game that was on a topic of interest, so I went with space. Not knowing much about space, I picked this topic as I wanted to learn more and challenge myself to make this process a little more fun. I always thought about what goes on in space, but never really looked much into it, so I took this opportunity to learn about space and to also share this information that I have learnt with the players. So I started doing some research as well as coming up with a storyline.


The game starts with you, the player, as an astronaut going on a journey to be the first human that explores Mars. However, during the journey, you will encounter multiple problems, and you have to overcome them through the different challenges set, and finally land on Mars safely to explore. Some of the challenges that you will have to face are incoming asteroids, a blackhole, going through an asteroid belt and also engine malfunction. After you solve these problems, you will finally arrive and land safely on Mars, making you the first ever human to set foot on Mars!


I tried to implement as many types of challenges as possible that are available on the Gametize platform as I was exploring the features that are available. I also came across a few limitations, mainly not being able to create a split path situation, and also coming up with ideas. Creativity was not something I particularly excel in, so I spent a majority of my time coming up with content that linked up, and also with limited knowledge, there was only a limited set of content I could come up with.

However, I overcame this challenge by asking a few friends who were outer space enthusiasts and also googling up on what problems could potentially happen in space and how to overcome them, which allowed me to come up with the plot for the game. I took inspiration from movies as well, where they came across different kinds of problems in space and how they solved them, and I fact checked it with Google so that I do not misinform the players.

Achievements and Rewards

I came up with achievements that are awarded at various parts of the game to encourage the player, as I felt that this would make players want to keep playing the game to earn more achievements, as well as to let the player know that they managed to finish that part of the game. As for redeemable rewards, I went with a pair of Science Centre tickets, to let the players learn more about space as well as explore what science has to offer other than just outer space.


I hope that through this game, I am able to educate players on outer space, and that it is able to provide the fun aspect that people look for in games. I managed to learn many things through this process, like how to solve some limitations by figuring out workarounds as well as asking for help from mentors, and also to have fun in the process! I hope to continue learning and exploring on this topic, and definitely enjoyed myself through this experience.