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Sustainability Series 2: Gametize X SMU-X LTB Collaboration Aug 2023

We are back again with another collaboration with Singapore Management University (SMU) for the SMU-X LTB module. In the period from August to October 2023, we had the privilege of mentoring students once more. It is a great honor for us to be able to continue supporting the development of problem-solving abilities, leadership skills, and team-building competencies.

This time round, we stuck to the topic of sustainability, and students were tasked to provide solutions to real-world sustainability issues through the use of digital gamification. What sets this round apart is that students must not only develop a sustainability campaign using the Gametize Platform but also write an article. Our aim was for them to record their thought processes and insights gained from this project.

During the presentations of the various groups in Week 12, the ideas presented by each group were truly noteworthy, especially given the challenge of coming up with new ideas that would distinguish them from the previous cohort. Congratulations to all 18 participating teams, hats off to you!

A special thanks to Professor Rani Tan and the Teaching Assistants; Elaine Wong, Ezekiel Koh, Zara Teo

Download the Gametize App or click on the button below to check out the students projects:

Class G3

Sustainability in Commercial Aviation
Know your bloobin: Reducing Carbon Footprints in Daily Life

We all love traveling, so if you want to continue traveling in clear blue skies, with more efficient flights and potentially cheaper ones, let’s be more sustainable!

Take a walk into a dystopian world born of our own making, and bear witness to the terrible consequences of wanton E-waste disposal.

Participate in our impactful 3-week campaign and start embracing the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle today!

#sustainabletravel, #recycling

#ewaste, #esg

#bloobin, #carbonfootprint

Green City Guardians
Passion for Fashion
Nurture for Nature

As a player, your mission is to complete various challenges that will help you gain understanding towards green building and earn points. Can you save the forest of Sustainia from destruction? Join the battle and find out!

The prevalent culture of fast fashion engenders overconsumption, resulting in environmental issues and wasteful practices, thus highlighting the urgency of fostering habits and mindset centered around environmental sustainability.

Be transported into a lush virtual world; challenge yourself to restore and protect the environment. Embark on an 8-Week Green Odyssey with ‘Nurture for Nature’ – Transform, Thrive, and Triumph in a Verdant Realm for Epic Rewards!

#greenbuilding, #renewableenergy

#fastfashion, #waste

#overconsumption, #foodwaste

Class G4

The Fight Against Food Wastage
Sustainability Showdown
Beanie Buddy

Come along with Mr Apple, Mr Milk, and Mr Cart to fight against food waste!

Meet John, Felicia, and Alice, our sustainability champions who will guide you to adopt sustainable habits to reduce Plastic Waste, Food Wastage, and practice recycling.

Come along this journey with Beanie Buddy to restore hope and life to our planet. Be the change. Be the hero.

#overconsumption, #foodwaste

#plasticwaste, #foodwaste

#consumerism, #carbonfootprint

Eco Quest
Space Odyssey: Echoes of Earth

Welcome, to the land of Susterra! You, are an aspiring Econservator, brought to this world to rid of anything unsustainable and evil. Venture forth and begin on your exciting journey to reduce plastic waste now!

Eco Quest aims to provide enjoyable and comprehensive sustainability education to both employees and managers while concurrently enhancing water conservation, paper and cardboard conservation, energy conservation, and sustainable sourcing and procurement practices within hotels.

Embark on an extraordinary journey as a curious explorer from the technologically advanced planet Technis, as you crash-land on a desolate Earth in the year 2100. Fix your ship as we explore the remnants of Earth’s once-thriving biodiversity, piecing together the fragmented story of humanity’s downfall. Unravel the mysteries of Earth’s lost ecosystems and uncover the crucial lessons that this forgotten world holds for the future.

#plasticwaste, #environmentalsustainability

#hotels, #sustainablepractice

#consumerism, #carbonfootprint

Class G5

Captain Parcel
Temporal Trash Troopers

Captain Parcel is on a mission to save the world from excessive plastic packaging and prevent environmental harm in an age of rising e-commerce.

Learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint at your workplace while practicing healthy sustainable habits, embark on this journey to be a Green Workspace Warrior!

Learn about four key types of office waste: paper, plastic, food, and energy. Begin implementing waste management practices now to safeguard your workplace from turning into a landfill!

#plasticwaste, #environmentalsustainability

#workspace, #carbonfootprint

#wastemanagement, #carbonfootprint

The Fight Against Fast Fashion: The Tale of Ragman and Verdania
Travel with Butt Buddies
The Green Wallet

Join the battle against Ragman and Fast Fashion! Your mission is to earn points by answering questions and completing various challenges. Learn the ways of environmental sustainability and save the city of Verdania!

To educate and increase awareness on the severe environmental damages improper disposal of cigarettes and its items can bring about.

Embark on an inspiring eco-adventure with Timmy the Turtle in ‘The Green Wallet.’ Join him as he discovers the secrets to leading a sustainable lifestyle while saving money during his daily school life!

#fastfashion, #environmentalsustainability

#cigarettedisposal, #environmentalsustainability

#recycling, #foodwaste

Keep an eye out for the articles penned by the students, where they detail their thought processes and insights gained from their project creations. In the meantime, can you venture a guess about our upcoming topic of focus?

Hint: more candle, wiser society

Read Sustainability Series 1 (projects created by the previous batch) here: